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School of Social and Behavioral Sciences - Strategic Plan

The School of Social and Behavioral Sciences has a wide range of academic programs with the single unifying theme of service.  Our Strategic Plan also underscores this service orientation. 

The Strategic Plan was developed through a very organic process over several months.  This allowed faculty to consider and re-consider their areas of passion, as well as their estimation of the best ways to support our students and the Mercy community.  What emerged was a set of six initiatives we will be addressing over the next three years. 

Strategic Initiatives




How will Mercy be changed?






Promote and increase undergraduate student engagement in internships


The goal is to increase career-readiness of SSBS undergraduate students through the promotion of internship participation




Undergraduate student participation in internships



Develop curricula to support students’ career exploration and preparation.


We intend that our students will have a clearer sense of their short-term and long-term career objectives, and develop a plan to achieve these objectives.



Outreach to students to discuss careers



Develop programming/ curricula exploring diversity and world cultures, and promoting students’ engagement in civic leadership.



Our plan is for students to participate in experiences that enhance their understanding of diversity, world cultures and civic leadership.



Student participation in co-curricular opportunities related to diversity, world cultures, and leadership




Increase professional development for faculty to enhance cultural competence and cultural sensitivity.



We wish to make our classrooms supportive and productive learning environments for our students.




Faculty participation in professional development workshops




Identify and provide required infrastructure to support faculty scholarly engagement.


The goal is to continue to support faculty scholarly contributions, especially those involving collaborations among faculty and with students.



Student engagement with faculty research


Faculty scholarly production





Develop the infrastructure to provide Continuing Education Credits/Professional Development for alumni, faculty and the community.



Our intent is to provide support for, and increase engagement with, alumni, site supervisors, faculty and the broader community.




Continuing Education offerings available to professional community