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How to Get registered with the ACCESSibility Office
Cant find your documentation? Who to ask?
Practicing Self Advocacy Skills at Mercy College

Know Yourself:

  1. Understand your disability and how it impacts you as a student
  2. Identify the academic accommodations you need to function
  3. Distinguish whether or not your accommodations are effective. Is it working? Is it not working?
  4. Learn and understand your disability rights and how to receive them

Have Goals:

  1. Explore different majors and career options that spark your interests
  2. Create an academic plan with your college advisor to reach your academic goal
  3. Build relationships with your faculty and explore career resources
  4. Create long term career goals for the future


  1. Discuss your needs, wants, likes and dislikes with others
  2. Ask for the things you need, and inquire about the things you don’t know
  3. Write down your thoughts before communicating
  4. If your rights are being violated, tell someone
Scavenger Hunt-Practicing Self Advocacy Skills and Learning about Campus Resources

All Students Are Welcomed

To Participate:


Stop by our office located in Main Hall RM 121 or BX Campus RM 4125

Prizes will be given to the first 10 students

The Big Difference Between High school & College


  • Laws- IDEA & 504
  • IEP/ 504 plan
  • Resources MUST be provided by school
  • Parent, faculty, and staff involved in determining accommodations
  • Potential modified curriculum
  • Promotes success



  • Laws-ADA & 504
  • Accommodation Memo
  • Resources MUST be sought out by student
  • Student self advocates to both faculty and staff
  • No alterations of curriculum
  • Promotes equal access
Center of Academic Excellence and Innovation (CAEI)

The CAEI can help you with writing support, math, tutoring, science tutoring, general education support and much more! You can click the link above to bring you to the CAEI page where you can book an appointment and view the resources that you can utilize. 

Center for Academic Excellence and Innovation