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Mercy College's online job resource, Career Maverick, is a wonderful resource for part-time, full-time internship positions. Resume templates, action verb lists and job postings. Career Maverick is an excellent place to start your internship search because the postings are from employers who have reached out to find talent specifically from Mercy College. Within Career Maverick, Mercy students and alumni also have access to the NACElink Extended Network.

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Networking is a powerful tool you can use to successfully land an internship. Whether you are using social media sites, such as LinkedIn, to connect with employees at a company you are interested in, or simply getting to know someone in person, it is important to network. Get in touch with Mercy College alumni via LinkedIn, and ask if you can schedule a time to learn more about their career. Look for any opportunity to network with professionals working in companies or industries in which you are interested, such as seminars, lectures, job fairs, company tours, and other events.


Whether you are currently working part-time or have previously worked for a company, you already have connections in your professional network. Talk to your supervisor to see if they offer any internship opportunities in the company, or if they know of any in their industry. If there are specific companies you're interested in working for, view the Careers or Jobs page on their websites to see if there are any positions that match your interest currently available. If not, consider inquiring with the HR department or submitting a cover letter and resume for the employer to keep on file.

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