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Your first year at Mercy College is guaranteed to be an exciting one! Making new friends, exploring different majors and taking your first real steps toward achieving your career goals are some of the new opportunities ahead of you. As a freshman, here are some suggestions to help you get started:

Mercy College's 24/7 online career resource will be instrumental in your internships and job search. Start now by logging on to Career Maverick. You will have access to resume and cover letter samples, a mock interview tool, different internships and job opportunities as well as information about career events.  You can also access Focus 2, a career and college major exploration tool.

Besides academics, internships, and work experience, employers look for extracurricular activities and leadership. Start exploring Mercy College clubs, group organizations and sports teams. This is also a great way to make new friends!

If you do not already have a resume, it is time to create one. You will need a professional resume for any internships or jobs to which you apply. See your PACT mentor or a Career and Professional Development counselor for assistance. We are happy to help you!

Use your summer wisely. If you are not going abroad, considering finding a position that will give you valuable work experience. Employers love to see work experience on a resume.