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You are halfway through college so it is time to begin taking your professional aspirations seriously.  Whether you decide to complete an internship, study abroad, or pursue graduation education, you will be busy this year.  Follow these suggestions to make sure you are on the right track in your career preparation:

If you have changed your major or career preference, be sure to update your Career Maverick profile. You will want to be as accurate as you can to stay in the loop on appropriate career and internship events and opportunities.

Now that you are in your junior year, your focus should be on courses in your field of study and aiming for good grades. The highly trained and courteous staff of faculty and peer tutors at the Center for Academic Excellence and Innovation can provide you with the support you need to achieve academic excellence.

Whether you are preparing for a potential internship or are looking to get an early jump on job interviews, conducting a mock interview is a great way to get yourself prepared. Career Maverick has a virtual Mock Interview tool you can use to practice interviewing virtually. You can also contact Career and Professional Development to conduct a Mock Interview with a Career and Professional Development counselor.

Attend Career Preparation Events such as Professionals in Training workshops (PIT Series), Lunch with a Leader, Career Fairs, and more! Participating in these events teaches you career readiness with the goal of developing lifelong career management skills.

Since you will be competing against other candidates for valuable internship positions, now is the time to polish your resume. Add any college activities, including leadership roles and community service, you have been involved in. Upload your revised resume into Career Maverick.

Secure an Internship

Many Mercy College students choose to study abroad for a semester during their junior year. International experience is a valuable opportunity to enrich your life, continue to gain an excellent education, and enhance your resume. Learn more about studying abroad from Mercy College's Center for Global Engagement.

If you are thinking about pursuing a graduate degree, now is the time to start researching programs. Getting a jump start on this decision can properly prepare, should you decide to pursue it.