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    Mercy College Career Fair

    Spring 2015.
Career Fairs

A Career Fair is an excellent place to seek out internships, job opportunities and learn more about various companies. It is also the perfect place to network.

The next Mercy College Career Fair Date will be announced shortly!

Career Fair Preparation

If you want to make the most of your time and the opportunity a career fair presents, follow these tips:

  • Clarify your reason for attending: To look for a job or internship, to network, to learn more about specific companies and organizations, or to practice your communication skills
  • Visit the Career Fair website to see which companies and organizations will be attending
  • Review employer websites to determine which companies peak your interest
  • Update your resume and bring copies with you. Bring enough copies to give one to each company in which you are interested
  • Prepare to talk to employers about their companies - what they do, what they produce, how many employees, etc.
  • Practice selling yourself
  • Pick out a professional and clean suit to wear to the Career Fair
What to do at a Career Fair

Once you are at the Career Fair, there are a number of factors to keep in mind while interacting with employers and learning more about various companies and organizations. It can get a bit overwhelming at first, so follow these guidelines to help focus your objectives:

  • Find a map of the fair and plan out which employers you want to meet. It is a good idea to start off with some companies that are low on your list, so you can practice your routine
  • Stick to a professional introduction and be sure to use your Elevator Pitch when meeting company representatives
  • Do your research! If you approach a company's exhibit and are unsure of who they are or what they do, read their materials first, and then approach a representative to ask about their company
  • Show enthusiasm and confidence when interacting with company reps, and be sure to either ask questions or make comments that display your knowledge about their organization
  • Do not give out your resume to anyone and everyone. Only submit it to those companies in which you are truly interested
  • Be sure to collect business cards or full contact information from anyone you speak to from a company
  • Remember names and faces, as you may meet the same company reps at future events or even job interviews. So make a good first impression and think about future follow-up interactions
How to Work a Career Fair

Career Fairs are amazing opportunities to network, hone your interviewing skills, and make a lasting impression on business executives offering jobs or internships. Make sure you make the RIGHT impression!

Follow Up After the Career Fair

Just because the doors have closed on a Career Fair, this does not mean your work is over. You should follow up with every employer that interested you. Send a quick thank you note, along with a cover letter and updated resume to those employers. If anyone contacts you either by phone or email, get back to them immediately. You should respond to all employer contact even if you are not interested in the employer.