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Your senior year is when it all comes together. The hard work, studying, internships and extracurricular activities have brought you to this point. As you finish your undergraduate degree and prepare yourself to enter the workforce or graduate school, here are some tips to ensure that you are ready for the next step:

Ensure your resume is up to date and error free. Include your degree, work and internship experience, leadership/activities/community service and workplace skills (language and computer).

It is time to start your job search! Use your senior year to research, network and apply for jobs. If you haven't completed an internship previously, try to apply for one during your senior year. Continue to look in Career Maverick throughout your senior year, checking back regularly for the latest job opportunities. Also, attend career fairs and network anyway you can. Speak with your PACT mentor or with a Career and Professional Development counselor if you need assistance with strategies to find a job. Click here for more details.

Increase the size and strength of your professional network. Begin by setting up a profile on LinkedIn and connecting with Mercy College alumni. Talk to everyone you know about your job search.

Make sure to update your Career Maverick profile with your most recent resume. You can show your materials to a Career and Professional Development counselor to be sure your resume is in perfect order. We also encourage you to check in regularly with Career and Professional Development in order to learn more about the various events and opportunities that may match your specific career goals. Many of these opportunities are posted on the Career Maverick homepage. 

To make yourself more comfortable with in-person interviews, schedule several mock interviews with a friend or a Career and Professional Development counselor. There is also a Mock Interview tool in Career Maverick, which will allow you to practice interviewing virtually.

If you have decided to continue your education through a graduate program, contact our Graduate Admissions team or relevant program director. Click here to learn about the graduate programs offered at Mercy College.

Stay focused on your grades during your final year of college.