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During your second year of college, you should start focusing on your major and get serious about finding and securing internship opportunities. As you continue with your studies and further define your future career path, here a few tips to help you stay on track:

If you have declared or changed your major, be sure to update your Career Maverick profile. You will want to be as accurate as you can to stay in the loop on appropriate career and internship events and opportunities.

It is time to declare your major, develop a plan to complete general education requirements and focus on good grades. The highly trained and courteous staff of faculty and peer tutors at the Center for Academic Excellence and Innovation can provide you with the support you need to achieve academic excellence.

Continue to update your resume as you take on new courses, extracurricular activities and internships. Consider getting involved in leadership roles on campus, whether it is for a sports team, a club or an on-campus job.

Attend Career Preparation events such as Professionals in Training workshops (PIT Series), Lunch with a Leader, Career Fairs, and more! Participating in these events teaches you career readiness with the goal of developing lifelong career management skills.

Career and Professional Development provides students access to a Mock Interview tool in Career Maverick. The mock interview tool is an online, interactive resource designed to help you achieve interview excellence. With this tool, you have the opportunity to practice and improve your interview skills by conducting, reviewing and evaluating your own mock interviews, customized to your career needs. You can also conduct a live Mock Interview with Career and Professional Development. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Either volunteer or try to get yourself elected for a leadership role in your club for next year (Junior year). Employers look for involvement and leadership experience in candidates.

Your sophomore year (or the summer following its completion) is the perfect time to dive into an internship. Starting early gives you the time you need to decide if you have chosen the proper career path. This is a great time to begin building your network of contacts and gaining professional experience through internships.

You may want to study abroad if there is an appropriate program that fits your interests and academic needs. International experience is a unique trait that employers will consider when looking at your resume. Learn more about studying abroad from Mercy College's Center for Global Engagement.