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Questions or Concerns?

Please contact: Makeda King
Director of the International Students Office | (914) 674-7284
For International Admission Inquiries, please contact:
Vincent Rickey, International Student Recruiter
For Undergraduate international student academic advising, please contact:
Steffi Rojas, PACT International | (914) 674-7414
Apply to Mercy as an International Student

Interested in applying to Mercy College as an F-1 international student? Our International Admissions team will be able to walk you through each step of the process.

Visa Sample

Learn what documents are needed to obtain and renew your visa.

Applying for a Change of Status

Are you currently a holder of another nonimmigrant visa (NIV) staus? Do you need to apply for a Change of Status to F-1?  Review our Change of Status Guidelines.pdf first to make sure that you are eligible.

Employment Guidelines

As an F-1 international student, there are a few instances where you can be approved to work. Learn more to ensure that you maintain your status while working.


Employment Guidelines for International Students.pdf

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Our Mission

The mission of the International Students Office is to assist members of the Mercy College international community by providing support and advising to ensure academic success while maintaining compliance with immigration regulations. The office works to provide a meaningful cross-cultural experience for both international students and domestic college community members. The International Students Office also works in collaboration with other departments to create opportunities where international students can foster a sense of community amongst each other while fully integrating into the Mercy community.

As an international F-1 student, you must show that you can support the costs of studying and living in the U.S. for the entire duration of your program.  This is required by law.  Annual costs include both Tuition & Living Expenses.  We look to see readily available funding for at least the first year.  Proof of income can be used to show ability to cover the costs beyond the first year.



For the most up-to-date Tuition costs, please review the Mercy College Course Bulletin or visit this link


Living Expenses

Living expenses at Mercy College are estimated at $14,000 for I-20 issuance purposes.  It is the estimated cost of living, books, and transportation for international students studying at Mercy.  This is the estimated costs regardless of whether students live on or off-campus.  You must provide proof for I-20 issuance that you can cover the $14,000 estimated living expenses.  You may spend more or less, but this is what we estimate that you will spend on living books, transportation, etc.


Learn more about payment deadlines, scholarships, and procedures to finance your education at Mercy College.

After being admitted to Mercy College, it is time to obtain your Form I-20.

Guidelines For Travel

As an F-1 International student, there are a number of things that you will need to travel internationally after your initial arrival in the U.S. When traveling, it is important that you hand carry (instead of packing in checked luggage) the following:

  • Valid passport (valid for 6 months after intended period of study)
  • Valid F-1 visa
  • Form I-20 (Must be signed by International Students Office on page 3 within one year of travel)*
  • Proof of financial support
  • Contact information of International Students Office at Mercy College

* As long as a student maintains status, the Designated School Official (DSO) will endorse the I-20 Form for the purpose of traveling abroad. Every student is required to contact the DSO in a timely manner in order to establish endorsement eligibility.

*If you are a student in OPT (Optional Practical Training, please contact the International Students Office to learn about the special guidelines that are applicable to you


Students may also want to consider bringing the following:

  • Proof of paying the I-901 Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) fee
  • Evidence of acceptance or continued enrollment at Mercy College (acceptance letter or transcript)