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Sophomore Year (31-60 Credits)

Second Year Experience
SYE - Second Year Experience

Second Year Experience is your go-to group for all your second year needs!

  • Major declaration
  • Career options
  • Resume building
  • Volunteer and Internship experiences

*Email us for additional information or if you would like to be involved in Second Year Council!

SYE-Fall 2018 Events
August 24, 2018

Check Out The Fall 2018 Events!

Sample Resume Bullets
October 11, 2018

Speak to your PACT Advisor or a Career Services counselor for more information about how to build your resume.

Click on this link for further information resume preparation

Get Started With Your Cover Letter
August 15, 2018

A Cover Letter is just as important as a Resume!

Click on the link attached to view a sample cover letter.

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Student at Commencement
Build A Relationship With Your Faculty

Mercy College faculty are fully invested in the success of all students. Build a relationship with your school faculty members:

School of Health and Natural Science

School of Business

School of Education

School of Liberal Arts

School of Social and Behavioral Science

Mercy College Library
Research and Library Services

Do you need assistance with research for a class or your citations?

Visit the Mercy College Library

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Looking To Declare A Major?

Start with:

  • Make an appointment with your PACT Advisor
  • View the Mercy College Course Catalog for all undergraduate majors and course descriptions
  • Complete Focus 2 to learn more about yourself and interests
  • Meet with a member of the Career Services team

FOCUS 2 Will help you Declare a Major!

Click Here to Register!

Writing Center

Are you having trouble with your paper? Do you need help with your grammar?

Visit the Writing Center in the Library for additional help today!

reflect & redirect
Reflect & Direct-Do you know what you're doing after graduation ?

Come talk about life after college - how to get into graduate school, the importance of staying on track while maintaining a good GPA, and what’s next!
Locations DF: Main Hall Café
MT: RM 624
Time: 3:00 -4:00

Second Year Experience 2019 Events

Check out all the events for Second Year Experience this semester!

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DegreeWorks is a web-based tool that will provide a clear and convenient method for you and your advisor to track degree progress, to prepare for registration, and to plan for graduation. DegreeWorks is designed to aid and facilitate academic advising, but is not intended to replace face-to-face advising sessions.

Learn How to Utilize DegreeWorks Here

Career Fair
Learn more about Career and Professional Development
Have You Started Building Your Resume Yet?
August 15, 2018

Do you need help organizing your resume template? Have you heard of Career Mavericks where you can apply for jobs, internships and work study? 

Start exploring Career Mavericks now!

Please click for Resume Template below:



Career Exploration Wheel
Email Etiquette
October 16, 2018

Download this document to find out tips for writing a professional email.

Main Hall
Center of Academic Excellence and Innovation (CAEI)

Center of Academic Excellence and Innovation

The CAEI can help you with writing support, math tutoring, science tutoring, general education support and much more! You can click the link above to bring you to the CAEI page where you can book an appointment and view the resources that you can utilize.