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Assistive Technology Loan Agreement

DISCLOSURE: The Mercy College Office of ACCESSibility (ACCESS) loans assistive technology equipment to our registered ACCESS students for a variety of academic accommodations needs. ACCESS retains express ownership of all equipment loan to registered students for academic accommodations.

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General Information
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• Student should inspect all equipment for any defects or other objections to the equipment before acceptance. If student accepts delivery of the equipment, the student presumed to have accepted the equipment in good condition and repair.

• No other individual or entity may use the equipment for the entire time in which the equipment is on loan to student. Equipment is not to be used for anything other than its intended purpose, as an academic accommodation, during the instructional period.

• We reserve the right to immediately terminate this agreement and confiscate the equipment at any time.

• Great care must be taken in preserving the equipment in good condition and any damage to said equipment will be reported in writing to Mercy College ACCESS within 48 hours of occurrence. Student shall not attempt to make any repairs without express permission of the Mercy College ACCESS.

• Student assumes financial responsibility for lost or damaged equipment. If the equipment is not returned by the end of the student’s final semester, returned in damaged condition, or lost, the student’s account will show an outstanding balance resulting in the charge for the equipment.

• Non-payment will result in a hold being placed on the account which could affect the student’s inability to access of grades, register and graduate.