Mail Services User Manual

Mail Services Information

Mail Services will operate on their schedule, Monday- Friday 8:30-4:30pm. During the academic year, delivery to the local post office will occur only on weekdays on which the College is open for business. Hours of operation will be posted weekly.

Contact the mail services office at 914-674-7300 with any questions or

Mail Safety and Procedures

Current research indicates that opening the mail is a low risk activity. All incoming packages and mail will be handled in accordance with any guidelines issued by New York State and/or the CDC. Department heads may coordinate with the mailroom to designate a drop-off location for packages and mail, rather than delivery to individual offices. Employees may opt to pick-up packages, by appointment only, directly at the Tarrytown location. Outgoing/Interoffice mail pick-ups will be coordinated through central drop boxes in each building as noted below. Please contact the mailroom to schedule pick-up for large items. Due to limited staffing and hours, the mailroom will no longer accept incoming or outgoing personal packages.

Dobbs Ferry   
  • Main Hall: 2nd Floor, across from PACT 

  • Mercy Hall: 1st floor, across from room 26 

  • Victory Hall: 1st floor, near School of Business & 2nd floor near Communication and the Arts 

  • Mahoney Hall: by front door 

  • Maher Hall: by front door 

  • Verrazzano Hall: by copier 

  • Fed Ex: FedEx box in parking lot near Speech & Hearing Clinic (by 5pm daily) 


Mail Services

Incoming Mail
Our Mercy College Security picks up incoming United States Postal Service (USPS) mail at the post office in the morning. The mail is sorted and delivered on campus during the daily scheduled runs (10:30 AM-1:30 PM).

Incoming Parcels and Packages
The Mercy College Mailroom all packages and parcels are scanned into our Send Suite Tracking processes all incoming parcels and packages, including USPS, United Parcel, and FedEx. Incoming parcels and packages are delivered daily to all departments and all packages and parcels are to be scanned again and signed on delivery. Once this is done the handle held will be returned to the mailroom to be up loaded to our Arrival tracking system to provide confirmation of delivery and signatures.

Personal Mail
Faculty and staff are prohibited from using the College's facilities and address for the mailing and receipt of personal mail. Outgoing personal mail will be returned to sender.

Interoffice envelopes should be used when sending interdepartmental mail. There are two sizes of envelopes: 4" x 9-1/2" and 10"x13" with a tie and button close. The Mailroom maintains a supply of used interoffice envelopes. If an office has accumulated a large number of interoffice envelopes, the extra envelopes may be sent to the Mailroom. If you do not mind using "previously owned" envelopes, come to the Mailroom.

When addressing an interoffice envelope, be sure that all previous markings have been crossed out to ensure proper delivery. The address should always appear on the next available line. Please print clearly. Use the full name and the correct department and room number.

Outgoing Mail
All outgoing mail to be meter stamped must have the Mercy College return address including the sender’s name and department. Any special mail pertaining to Grants must be identified. This identification will be used to charge back postage usage to departments.

UPS Service
Mercy College has a Special Payment Plan with UPS; this allows Mercy College Mailroom to have an access to pre-paid labels. Departments will indicate if they will like to use this shipment for larger packages or time sensitive material. We also have an account with FedEx, which all departments have individual account numbers.

Non-mailable Items
The following items should not be sent in regular envelopes: paper clips, metal pieces, keys, pencils, glass parts or buttons. These items can jam or damage mailing equipment.

Proper Addressing Format
The following format is recommended to ensure efficient handling and delivery to the US Postal Service:       

The completed mailing address should be located in a block format in the center area of the envelope. The return address is located in the upper left hand corner.

Include floor, suite and apartment numbers whenever available.

For international mail, the country’s name should appear in capital letter without abbreviations.

When using window envelopes, be sure the entire address is always visible. There should be sufficient spacing around the address to allow for the shifting of contents within the envelopes.

Do not staple the envelope.

The lower 3/4' portion of the front side of the envelope, directly below the address is reserved for the postal bar codes. This area must remain clear.

International Mail
Except for certain restrictions, most items can be mailed to foreign countries. Please contact the Mailroom to determine specific classification and required documentation.

Certified Mail
Certified mail provides a mailing receipt to sender with a record of delivery maintained at the destination Post Office. No record is kept at the entry Post Office and no insurance coverage is provided. Certification may be used only on First Class Mail. A return receipt to provide “proof of delivery” to the sender can be obtained for an additional fee. A numbered label and completed “Return Receipt” must be filed and affixed to each letter. Labels and Return Receipts can be obtained from the Mailroom

Return Receipts
A return receipt offers proof of delivery on certified mail shipments. The return receipt identifies the articles number of mailing, the person who signed for it and the date it was delivered.

Business Reply Mail
This service enables mailer to receive replies by “First Class” mail by paying reply postage only on the mail, which is returned to them with a small handling charge per piece.

The Mailroom has scheduled runs for delivery and pick up of mail to departments on campus, generally once in the morning and again in the afternoon. Bronx and Manhattan Campuses have morning Mail delivery and pick up. If outgoing mail is not ready by the afternoon pickup, it can be brought to the Mailroom no later than 2:00 pm for same day processing. Mail received at the Mailroom after 2:30 pm will be mailed out the next day. Mail is delivered the United States Postal Service at 2:30 pm.

Our responsibilities for delivering boxes to individual college offices are the same as UPS and FedEx delivery criteria. 

  1. All boxes weighing more than 70 pounds will be delivered by two Mail Services staff members. College offices shipping numerous boxes or heavy boxes must call Mail Services for special pick-up
  2. Mail Services does not move faculty or staff office equipment or furniture
  3. Any freight or furniture deliveries received through Mail Services are then processed by Central Maintenance. Please contact Central Maintenance to initiate a work order and coordinate deliveries. Note: Should you have freight or furniture arriving, please contact Central Maintenance or arrange with Purchasing for inside delivery
  4. Box/Parcel Delivery: Should no one be present at the destination office, the box/parcel is returned to Mail Services and a second delivery attempt will be made during the next mail run
  5. Damaged Boxes: All damaged goods are refused upon vendor delivery. Should a damaged box go unnoticed at time of delivery, the destination office will be notified and the package will be held until vendor pick-up is affected. Interoffice boxes received by Mail Services in a damaged condition will be returned to the originating office to be inspected prior to shipping to destination office
  6. Returns: Should you receive a box in which the contents are damaged, you must contact the vendor and request a return "Call Tag" and a credit. A "Call Tag" is a Self-Adhesive label generated by your Vendor and sent to Mercy College, Mail Services. Write on the box "Return to Vendor, Call Tag has been Processed." Mail Services will hold the box until receipt of call tag
  7. If a box has been received with no clear internal address, every effort will be made to identify the owner. If Mail Services cannot identify the owner of the box, it will be returned to the vendor. It is extremely important when placing an order with a vendor to have the internal address clearly marked on the box. Sample address: Mercy College, Dr. First Name Last Name, Department, 828 South Broadway, Tarrytown NY 10591
  8. Mail Services will not deliver or pickup personal boxes to faculty or staff
  9. Please do not wrap outbound boxes in brown paper. UPS and the Postal Services do not recommend wrapping boxes in brown paper, because the address and return address can be ripped off.
  1. If you or your department moves or transfers to another location it is important to inform Mail Services immediately. Please provide an email to Mail Services, indicating your new location with a list of individuals moving with you. Upon receipt of the memo, Mail Services will begin forwarding you mail to your new location immediately
  2. Mail Services does not forward mail outside the organization. Should your department receive mail that needs to be forwarded, you need to do the following:
    1. Cross out all barcodes on the mail piece with a black felt tip pen
    2. Cross out Mercy College mailing address with a black felt tip pen, but leave the individual's name clear.
    3. Write the correct forwarding address on the mail piece
    4. Place corrected mail piece in the outgoing mail tray/bag for pick-up

It is the responsibility of your department to properly process returns. 

How to Process a "Return to Sender"

U.S. Postal Service: If you receive mail for an individual who has left College employment, you need to do the following:

  1. Use a dark felt tip pen and cross out all barcodes on the mail piece
  2. Cross out the Mercy College address, but leave the name of the individual clear
  3. Put the mail piece in the out box/bag separately for mail pick-up

When this mail piece is processed properly, it will inform the originator of the mail piece that the individual is no longer at Mercy College and should stop sending other correspondence. 

Other Services: Should you receive a package for an individual that is no longer with the College, return the package immediately to the Mailroom. Any delay in getting the package to us could result in the College paying for the return of the package. Mark the box clearly, "Return to Sender"

Mail Services will attempt to intercept as many "Return to Sender" mail pieces as possible.

How to Process a Return:

U.S. Postal Service: Should your department receive a package that was not ordered or is damaged, you need to do the following:

  1. Use the same procedure as a "Return to Sender"
  2. If it is an order from a vendor, contact the vendor so you will receive a "credit memo"
  3. The vendor will inform you how to ship the package back to them
  4. Put a note on the box, so Mail Services personnel know how to process the package

Other Services: Should you receive a package that you did not order or one that is damaged you need to do the following:

  1. Contact the vendor immediately; they will process your credit memo and issue a "call tag"
  2. Place a note on the package saying, "HOLD FOR CALL TAG"
  3. Call the Mail Services Supervisor to inform him or her of the return, so he or she can intercept the package upon arrival at Mail Services
  4. It is very important to process the return as soon as possible. Should there be a long delay, Mercy College may have to pay to return the package

Other Shipping Services


UPS Ground Track Service: This is the Basic UPS service. Transit times are three - five days nationwide. If the address is within 100 miles of the New York Metropolitan area, transit time can be 24 hours. This is a traceable service.

Delivery Confirmation Request: If you need a written confirmation that your package arrived this would be the service to request. There is an additional surcharge for this service. 

Insurance: All UPS packages are automatically insured up to $100.00 at no charge. Should you need more than $100.00 insurance on a package, tape a note on the box requesting the amount of insurance you need. There is an additional surcharge for this service

Tracing a UPS Package: Should you need to trace a UPS package that you were supposed to have received. Please provide the following information to Mail Services:

  • UPS Tracking number
  • Addressee's name and/or company name
  • Date Mail Services signed for the package

Placing a Claim for Lost/Stolen/Damaged UPS Package: Should you need to place a claim against UPS for an outbound shipment, you must have the following information:

  • Proof of Delivery: UPS mus provide a written proof of delivery. It takes about five days for a proof of delivery to be mailed to you from UPS
  • Invoice: You need to have an original invoice in order to successfully process a claim.

The Department of Mail Services has an overnight courier service to the college community. A Standard FedEx overnight (Flat Rate envelope) delivered by 12:00 PM. Please contact Mail Services at X-7300 to get your Airway bills, if you haven't received them already. 

Instructions for using FedEx Express:

  • Each department will be given its own Airway bills that are already preprinted with your department's name and account number. Please keep these airway bills in a secure area
  • When you run out of the personalized airway bills please call 1-800-FED-EXGO. The customer representative will ask for your Preprint format no., located center of the airway bill will be your account number
  • It is important to fill out the airway bill correctly in order to benefit from the rates
  • Mail Services will provide the Flat Rate envelopes and large FedEx envelopes. Please call ext. 7300 to replenish your stock
  • Please retain the top copy of the airway bill for your records (senders copy)
  • Upon completion of filling out the airway bill, just place the envelope in your out box located in Main Hall and Mail Services will pick it up during their daily mail runs, or you can use our drop box service located outside next to the Bookstore.
  • Your department will be charged backed on a monthly basis for this service
  • You can track your package via the internet at
  • If you should require an after-hours pick-up please call 1-800-333-3946
  • Please call Mail Services at ext. 7300 if you have any questions

Please fill out this airway bill exactly as shown. This insures that the college gets the most favorable domestic rates.

International Courier Services is not a 24-hour service. When planning to ship internationally, please allow 4 - 6 days for delivery of your item. Transit times are different according to the country the shipment is going to.

International Mailings

International Courier Services is not a 24-hour service. When planning to ship internationally, please allow 4 - 6 days for delivery of your item. Transit times are different according to the country the shipment is going to.

Date: September 1, 2014


Mercy College
Department Name
City, State, Zip


Company Name
City, State

Description: Box/Envelope Quantity: How many Pieces/Boxes

Weight: Filled out by Mail Services

Contents: College Catalogs

Not for resale. The above contents have no commercial value for customs purposes value set at $U.S. Dollars

I certify that the above information is true and accurate

Your name
Title, Department

All stockroom items are located at the Mailroom in the SWA building. All items can be ordered online. Please us the online stockroom requisition form for ordering these supplies. No walk-ins or verbal orders are accepted. 

Copy Paper Ordering:
Copy paper can be ordered on-line through the College's Office Supply Vendor. Copy paper is delivered 24-hours upon vendor receipt of order. Each department is responsible for expensing/budgeting paper.

Location, Hours & Contact Information

All incoming packages to all campuses must be addressed as follows:

Mercy College
Department Name
828 South Broadway
Tarrytown, NY 10591
Suite 102

General Mail

Mercy College
555 Broadway
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522


8:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday – Friday

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