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Service Philosophy

We enrich lives and inspire success by working together to provide a personalized and caring environment.

Watch the message from President Hall and find out more about our Service Excellence team.

   Service Standards

Service Excellence badge

Here’s what you can expect from Mercy College in our R.A.C.E. to deliver service excellence.


  • Be available and reliable
  • Timely acknowledgement of receipt of communication and expected timeline for resolution
  • Take initiative to find a solution
  • Follow up to ensure a quality resolution 
  • Act with a sense of urgency


  • Understand your role in the big picture
  • Exhibit resourcefulness in finding solutions
  • Provide reliable, correct and timely information
  • Be an expert in what you do


  • Be consistent and intentional with small acts of kindness
  • Put people before technology
  • Use language (oral/written) that is positive, inclusive, and respectful
  • Use effective body language that shows active listening and availability 
  • Be respectful of confidential information


  • Maximize resources for effectiveness
  • Keep it simple and sustainable
  • Set clear expectations
  • Collaborate to avoid duplication and streamline processes
  • Engage in continual improvement

Service Excellence Success

Gregory Sam

Information Technology plays a pivotal role in Mercy’s success, but Gregory Sam regularly goes above and beyond his mandate when helping staff members navigate their technology issues.

Unfailingly polite, calm and reassuring, Greg took time to check-in with campus staff in the first days of the fall semester, to ensure that computers, passwords, log-ins were functioning as needed.

For his unflappable nature and commitment to staff technology needs, Greg personifies Service Excellence.



Elizabeth Dispenza-Delaney excels at seamless operations. With a mandate that covers both the Bronx and Manhattan campuses, Liz’s dedication to ensuring efficiencies throughout the Bronx and Manhattan campuses are integral to the College’s success.

But it is her caring approach and commitment to service excellence that makes Liz a stand out. Colleagues describe her as someone willing to listen and then seek a solution that gets the job done.

For her dedication to keeping Mercy campuses running safely and smoothly, Liz personifies Service Excellence.


Clair Bush

Mercy College tutor Claire Bush has spent her career helping students for whom English is not a first or primary language.

Claire leads the English is my New Language Workshops on the Manhattan Campus, spending hours of her own time crafting lesson plans that will excite and help students who wish to improve their English language skills.

Claire’s dedication to Mercy students and her joy in continued teaching and learning make her an example of Service Excellence at Mercy.


Jayne Burt-Ozyildirm

Jayne Burt-Ozyildirm is a veteran Mercy College tutor who brings years of experience to the job.

Ask Mercy students why they request working with Jayne and they will likely point to her passion for literature, her fun sense of humor and her fervent belief that everyone can improve their writing skills.

So committed is she to her students’ success that Jayne took time out of her summer break to learn how to conduct virtual tutoring sessions, so students can work with her remotely. For her unwavering commitment to helping students and her willingness to incorporate new technologies in education, Jayne embodies Service Excellence in Mercy.


Problem Resolution System

The Service Obstacle System (SOS) at Mercy College is an online problem resolution system designed for campus community members to identify obstacles that impede our ability to provide excellent service that is Responsive, Accurate, Courteous and Efficient. We want to hear from members of our community on how we can do even better when it comes to supporting our students.

Click the link below to learn more and submit the SOS form. The Service Obstacle Committee will review submitted obstacles and work with community members throughout the college to find and develop solutions.

Learn More and Submit Form

For more information contact