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  • B.A. in Spanish

    A globally connected world
    Build your language skills as well as your literary, cultural and historic understanding.
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Spanish B.A. Curriculum

The program recommends that students in the Spanish major also complete courses in French or Italian to maximize career opportunities. Those seeking certification as foreign language teachers should contact the School of Education for certification requirements. 

General Liberal Arts and Sciences
General Education Requirements 60 Credits
Major Concentration
Spanish Language and Literature 30 Credits
Open Electives 30 Credits
Total 120 Credits

Students who choose the major concentration in Spanish must complete:

  • SPAN 230 La Gramatica Espanola (recommended for non-native speakers of Spanish)
  • or
  • SPAN 216 Intermediate Spanish II (recommend for non-native or non-heritage speakers of Spanish)


  • FORL 233 Comparative Romance Literature
  • SPAN 238 Intro Lit Crit Hispanic Stdnt
  • SPAN 301 Masterworks Spanish Lang


six major Spanish courses numbered 220 and above which must include three major courses designated as Broad and three major courses designated as Focus.

The courses listed as Broad are more comprehensive topically than the Focus courses, which emphasize greater depth within a specific topic.


  • SPAN 220 Latin America Through Film
  • SPAN 235 Spanish Culture
  • SPAN 236 Spanish-American Culture
  • SPAN 237 Preceptiva Literaria/Hisp Std
  • SPAN 256 Spain Today
  • SPAN 258 Spanish-America Today
  • SPAN 265 Reading & Composition
  • SPAN 311 Main Currents Spanish Civil I
  • SPAN 312 Main Currents Spanish Civil II
  • SPAN 349 Contemporary Spanish Lit
  • SPAN 351 Main Curr Span-Amer Civ I
  • SPAN 352 Main Curr Span-Amer Civ II
  • SPAN 372 Spanish Conversation


  • SPAN 240 Aspects of Caribbean Culture
  • SPAN 241 Main Crnts Puerto Rican Civil
  • SPAN 295 Topics in Lit & Linguistics
  • SPAN 305 Cervantes & His World
  • SPAN 325 The Golden Age
  • SPAN 344 19th Century Spanish Lit
  • SPAN 346 ModernismoSpain/Span-America
  • SPAN 347 The Generation of 1898
  • SPAN 348 Gen Ortrge Y Gasset/G Lorca
  • SPAN 359 Span Amer Black Literature
  • SPAN 397 Independent Study Spanish

Minor Concentration in Spanish (15 credits)

Students may minor in Spanish to complement any major. To complete the Spanish minor students must take five courses in Spanish in the 120 level or above. 

Are department faculty available for academic advising?
Yes, faculty are always ready to help students with questions about what courses to take, the sequencing of courses, and career opportunities, including internships and cooperative education.
How quickly can I complete the program?
That depends on your ability, if you’re transferring credits from another school or program, or if you are pursuing teacher certification.
What is the first step in the admissions process?
Click on "Apply Now" on the Mercy homepage or call 1.877.MERCY.GO to apply for admission to Mercy College and arrange for an appointment with an Admissions Counselor. Bring your completed application form and copies of your high school and/or college transcripts with you at the time of your appointment.
How long does earning a degree take?
Full-time students can complete the 120-credit degree program in four years.
Is the program only for prospective language teachers?
No. Fluency in Spanish offers students a competitive edge in any field of employment.
Do you offer night and/or weekend courses?
Yes. Major courses are usually offered Monday through Friday after 5 pm.
Is Mercy College a nonsectarian institution?
Yes. Qualified applicants are admitted without regard to race, religion, national or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age or physical disability.
How many credits can be transferred from another institution?
Up to 75 credits from a two-year institution. Up to 90 from a four-year institution. Up to 90 credits combined however the credits may not exceed 75 credits from any combination of two-year institutions as they apply to your chosen degree. In addition you may only transfer in two courses of upper-level business credit (six credits) to apply to the major / specialization.
What are the pre-requisites for this program?
There are none. However, fluency in Spanish, or at least an excellent working knowledge of the language, is extremely helpful.
Alan Hartman Assistant Professor, Modern Foreign Languages
Elise Arnold-Levene Assistant Professor, Modern Foreign Languages

Spanish Overview

With more than 40 million Hispanics in the U.S. today, the demand for bilingual employees, fluent in both Spanish and English, has grown exponentially over the last decade.

Coursework in this program will provide you with the language skills as well as the literary, cultural, and historic understanding you need to become attractive to national or international employers. 

The School of Liberal Arts offers students a major concentration in Spanish Language and Literature (B.A.). Students who complete these degrees enjoy a significant competitive edge in the job market, with excellent opportunities to travel, relocate, or obtain high-paying jobs right here in our region.

Spanish FAQS

Is the program only for prospective language teachers?
No. Fluency in Spanish offers students a competitive edge in any field of employment.
Do you offer night and/or weekend courses?
Yes. Major courses are usually offered Monday through Friday after 5 pm.

Spanish Fast Facts

  • Fluency in Spanish offers students a competitive edge in any field of employment
  • Classes offered at night and on weekends

Career Opportunities

Representative career opportunities exist in business, government, healthcare, law enforcement, education, technology, the military, communications, translation, social service, and marketing.

Program Outcomes

By the end of this program, students should be able to: 

  • Speak the with correct pronunciation
  • Use correct vocabulary
  • Use correct grammar and verb tenses
  • Demonstrate the ability to read in the target language at the appropriate level
  • Demonstrate the ability to write in the target language on the appropriate level
  • Demonstrate the ability to speak in the target language at the appropriate level