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Ilene Rothschild

Dr. Rothschild has been at Mercy College for the past 21 years teaching psychology and education courses and has been the faculty in residence representing the school of education. She has earned 2 Masters degrees, one from Hunter College in rehabilitation counseling and one from The University of Connecticut in learning disabilities. Dr. Rothschild has a doctoral degree from Columbia University in special education and administrative degrees from Iona College.


Dr. Rothschild has held many roles as high school teacher, learning specialist, guidance counselor, educational evaluator and SAT tutor. During her high school career, she administered a peer tutor program, peer leader program, parent support group, and the psychology club. Dr. Rothschild’s areas of specialization throughout her career including parent advocacy, special education, psychology, anti-bullying, anti-discrimination and counseling.


EdD Columbia University, Teachers College (Special Education) 

MS Hunter College (Rehabilitation Counseling)

MS University of Connecticut (Learning Disabilities) 

SAS and SDA Administration Certificates Iona College  

BA New York University 

Current Research

Dr. Rothschild's presentations and workshops often involve the topics of: digital storyteling, service learning, brain based learning, women's empowerment, advocacy, bullying prevention, and diversity.

Selected Publications

Textbook Chapters 

  • Rothschild,I., & Gedrich,A. (2018)”Bullying and its Impact on School Violence”, Textbook chapter When Students Grieve: A Guide to Bereavement in the Schools. .Florida: LRP Publishers. 
  • Rothschild,I. & Miller, H. (2016) “Bullying: Does it end with high school?” Managing Conflict: An Introspective Journey to Negotiating SkillsNY: Cognella Academic Publishers. 





  • Rothschild,I. (2021) “Living in Zoomland”. Publication pending.  


  • Rothschild, I, & Munson, L., (2021) “Being your Best: Survival Tips to make it through the School year during the age of COVID” 



Rothschild, I,. Lewis,M., Timperman,S., & Sakarya, M. (2015). “Lights, Camera, Action: A Digital Success Story at College”.  


  • Rothschild, I., & Miraglia, M, (2015). “Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World: Advice to teens”.  


  • Rothschild,I,. & Miller,H.  (2015). “What Makes a Good Middle School?”. Journal News


  • Rothschild, I. & Miller, H. (2015). “Keeping your Middle School Child Safe from Bullying”. Journal News, November 9th, 2014. 


  • Rothschild, I., & Staub, S., (2015) “When Opting Out is not an option: Helping teens cope with test anxiety”. 

  • Rothschild,I., & Staub, S., (2015) “What Walt Disney taught us about Teaching”, Educational  




  • Rothschild, I. & Venezian, S. (2021) “Pathways to Advocacy” Women’s Empowerment Conference.  
  • Rothschild,I., Timperman,S., Steadman Charkes,J., Fried,M. (2020)”Brain Based learning” Community, monthly meetings, Mercy College. 
  • “Rothschild,I., Timperman,S., & Fried,M. (2020) “Digital Stories: Everyone Has a Story”, Learning Community, monthly meetings, Mercy College. 
  • Rothschild,I, Timperman, Sobecki,P, & Varughese, R. (2020) Service Learning Community,monthly meetings. 
  • Rothschild,I. & Varughese,R., (2020) “Inclusivity and Empathy” Building Stronger Communication in the college community.” Day of Tolerance, Mercy College. 
  • (Rothschild,I. (2020) “Mentoring for the Adjunct Faculty” New Faculty Orientation. Mercy College. 
  • Rothschild,I. (2020)“Civil Rights Era:1950’s and 1960’s: An Educator’s Perspective”. Black Lives Matter Forum, panelist, Mercy College. 
  • Rothschild,I., Timperman,S.,Varughese,R., Sobecki, P., & Fried,M.  “Service Learning: Making a Difference-One Online Class at a Time” (2020). June Intensives, Mercy College. 
  • Rothschild,I., Timperman,S., & Fried,M. (2020) “Digital Stories Online: Who Says it Cannot be Done!”. June Intensives, Mercy College. 
  • Rothschild,I. (2020)Faculty Mentoring Workshop, Panel Facilitator, Mercy College. 
  • Rothschild,I. (2020) Workshop on Related Services. Panel Facilitator, Education Club, Mercy College.  
  • Rothschild,I., & Timperman,S. (2020) “Everyone has a story: Utilizing Digital Stories Across the  Curriculum”, Faculty Seminar Day. Mercy College, 
  • Rothschild,I., & Drumm, D. (2020) “Step Up: Your Path to Advocacy”, “Why Not Me? Why Not Us? The Journey of Women to Empowerment” Women’s Empowerment Conference, Mercy College 
  • Rothschild,I., & Nunez, V.(2020) Workshop- “It’s Not too early to Talk: Financing College” Rivertowns Parent Group, Mercy College. 
  • Rothschild,I & Timperman,S. (2020) “Lend me a Paw: Animal Assisted Intervention” Workshop, Mercy College. 
  • Rothschild,I., & Timperman,S. (2020). Digital Story workshops -class presentations in Critical Inquiry, English, Nursing classes, 
  • Rothschild,I., & Gedrich: A. (2019) “Empowering Children in our World” International Day of the Child, Mercy College. 
  • Rothschild,I., Fried,M., & Timperman,S.(2019) “The Quest for Questioning: Techniques and Tools to Enhance your Teaching”, Faculty Seminar Day, Mercy College. 
  • Rothschild,I., & McCabe,M. (2019) “Accessibility and UDL”, Northeast Connect On Line Conference, Mercy College. 
  • Rothschild,I., & Timperman,S,(2019) “Digital Stories: Everyone has A Story”, Guest speakers in Social policy class, Mercy College. 
  • Rothschild,I ,(2019) Panelist “Three C’s for Community Building” Advice for Adjuncts” “Being a Faculty mentor”, New Faculty Orientation, Mercy College. 
  • Rothschild,I., & Quackenbush,T. (2019) Co Facilitator, “Voices from the Field”  Leading for Change Summer Institute, Mercy College. 
  • Rothschild,I., & Timperman,S.(2019) “Digital Storytelling” Leading for Change Summer Institute, Mercy College. 
  • Rothschild,I., Timperman,S, Lewis, M., & Sakarya., M (2019), “Lights, Camera, Action: Digital Storytelling in the Classroom”. June Intensives, Mercy College. 
  • Rothschild,I., & Ramaswamy,S. (2019) "Let's Crack the Case: Using the Case Study Across the Curriculum", June Intensives,Mercy College. 
  • Rothschild,I., & Vallice,R. (2019) “APPS for Living: Top 10 APPS for Individuals and Students with Cognitive Disabilities” Co Presenter at Tech Supports for Cognition and Learning, Mercy College,ARC,. 
  • Rothschild,I. (2019) “Women’s Empowerment Conference-From Passion to Purpose” planning committee, facilitator, Mercy College. 
  • Rothschild,I., & McCabe,M. (2019) “Designing for Disability: A Fashion Revolution” co sponsor, Mercy College. 
  • Rothschild,I., & Gunning,A. (2019)Preparing for Teaching and Counseling in STEM Careers.Education Club, Mercy College. 
  • Rothschild,I., & Gunning,A (2019) “Future of Teaching: Perspectives from Administrators.” Mercy College. 

Teaching Focus

Teaching psychology and special education courses


  • 20 Years of Service at Mercy College 
  • Outstanding Educator of the Year, Education Update (2019) 

  • Nominated for Teacher Excellence Award (2016,2017,2020) 

  • Faculty Mentor SoE (2014-present) 

  • Faculty in Residence (2014-2015) 

  • Nominated for Online Teacher of the Year (2014) 

Contact Info

Dr. Ilene Rothschild
Ilene Rothschild
  • Associate Professor, Special Education
MeH 25F