Rebekah Hanousek-Monge

  • Assistant Professor, Human Resource Management
  • Program Director, MSOL and Human Resource
Rebekah Hanousek-Monge work photo

Rebekah Lynn Hanousek-Monge, Ed.D, is an assistant professor in the Mercy University School of Business where she also serves as the Program Director for both the M.S. in Organizational Leadership and M.S. in Human Resource Management. 

In addition to her doctorate degree in Administrative Leadership from St. John’s University, Rebekah holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Smith College, an M.A. in Urban Studies from Queens College, and M.B.A. in Management from Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Her background is in higher education administration where for over twenty years, she successfully built and led teams in the formulation and execution of ambitious recruitment campaigns to increase graduate enrollment for M.B.A. and M.S. programs. With a doctorate degree in higher education administration, Rebekah is passionate about ways in which to enhance the overall educational experience for students in the classroom and beyond. She is an advocate for transformational education and leadership and her expertise and research areas include motivational theory, management behavior as well as organizational support for adjunct faculty.

Rebekah is a proud native New Yorker and a strong supporter of NYC public school education. She loves to travel, loves her family which includes her three rescue cats and is obsessed with English Premiership Football.