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Child Abuse Identification and School Violence Prevention and Identification Workshops

Education Law in New York State requires that certain persons seeking licensure need to take two clock hours of training in the identification and reporting of child abuse and maltreatment. In addition, certain persons seeking licensure are required to complete two clock hours of course work or training in school violence prevention and intervention in accordance with section 3004 of the Education Law. This is a one-time requirement and once taken does not need to be completed again.

Mercy College is a New York State approved provider for both workshops. Our workshops are open to Mercy College students and alumni as well as the general public and are offered on all four Mercy College campuses year-round. For information about our campus locations, please consult our website:


To register, please click on the links below. Please note that workshop payments are not refundable; however, we will attempt to re-schedule you for a future workshop if you are unable to attend. 

After the Workshops

Attendees of the Child Abuse Identification workshop: After processing and signing your certificate, Mercy College will send it to you by mail. You will then need to send the certificate to the State at the following address:

Office of Teaching Initiatives
RM 5N 89 Washington Ave
Albany, NY 12334

Attendees of the School Violence Prevention workshop: After processing your certificate, Mercy College will send your information electronically to the New York State Education Department (NYSED). A scanned copy will be sent by email directly to you. Please note that NYSED adds the information to your TEACH account. According to NYSED, it should take 1 - 2 business days to appear on TEACH. Please contact us if your certification of completion does not appear on TEACH within one month of your having completed the workshop.

Day of Workshops

Make sure that you have a TEACH account set up before you attend the workshop. Please DO NOT be late to a session as the State requires attendance for all six hours of training. Presenters have been directed to turn away latecomers. Bring a notebook and pen for taking notes; we do not recommend electronic devices for this. Be prepared to bring food with you if you plan to stay for both sessions since not every campus has food for sale. 

Contact Us

If you have questions about the Child Abuse Identification or School Violence Prevention and Identification workshops after reading the information above, please contact Anna Gedrich, Directory of the School Professionals Workshops Program at