What is FLORES?

We seek to explore the role of parental involvement related to student interest and achievement in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in underserved, diverse populations.  This program integrates STEM content for grades K-2 for students who are low-income and racially or ethnically diverse and offers the program bilingually, in English and Spanish.

The goal is to advance STEM discovery and understanding in the youngest elementary students while exploring the role of parental involvement.

Flores workshop

What does the program look like?

Three nighttime sessions of Science Discovery at the school district, where parents and children come and learn to do science experiments together.  The parents are also instructed in how to do science education at home with their children through science tool kits and observation.  Dinner is provided, and the instruction is in English and Spanish by teachers in the home district, overseen by STEM professionals trained by Mercy University Center for STEM Education.

Implementing FLORES projects form

FLORES in Dublin, Ireland, Fall 2018

As her Fulbright Scholarship project, Dr. Meghan Marrero ran and collected data on FLORES in Dublin.