International Film Festival

23rd Annual International Film Festival

With exclusive viewings and esteemed guest speakers, Mercy University’s International Film Festival is a hub for cutting edge cinema. The festival is presented by the School of Liberal Arts, bringing talent from across the globe over four days.  

The 2023 festival runs from April 25th through 28th. Each screening will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Lecture Hall on the Dobbs Ferry campus and will be followed by a post-film discussion.

See below for the films included in the festival this year.


Beautifully photographed, Güilas features seven stories—each representing one of the seven provinces of Costa Rica—that portray the nation’s varied cultures through the eyes of children who discover the world during a time of playfulness, mischief, and innocence. 

Tuesday, April 25 | Costa Rica, 2018 | Directed by Sergio Pucci

Comedy | In Spanish (with English subtitles) | Unrated 

Guest speaker: Dr. Elise Arnold-Levene

Happy Cleaners

Happy Cleaners is a heartfelt story that celebrates the survival of immigrants, the experiences of the Korean American community, and the value of family. 

Wednesday, April 26 | USA, 2019 | Directed by Peter S. Lee and Julian Kim 

Drama | In Korean / English (with English subtitles) | Unrated  

Q&A with Happy Cleaners co-writer/directors, Peter S. Lee and Julian Kim

Our Lady of the Nile

Rwanda, 1973: high up in the mountains, at the source of the Nile, a black statue of the Virgin Mary watches over a Catholic boarding school for girls. Whether Hutu or Tutsi, the girls share their curiosity, dreams and joie de vivre. However, the social dynamics and increasing conflicts that characterize the school microcosm hint at the genocidal violence that would engulf the country in 1994. 

Thursday, April 27 | France, Belgium, Rwanda, Monaco, 2019 | Directed by Atiq Rahimi

Drama | In French / Kinyarwanda (with English subtitles) | Rated PG-13  

Guest speaker: Dr. Jude Aguwa

The Good Boss

This dark satire centers on boss Blanco, leader of the Básculas Blanco factory. Beloved by his employees, Blanco is keen on winning a business award. He prepares the factory for the committee's inspection. But a disgruntled ex-employee threatens his plans. Refusing to reinstate him in the factory, Blanco must find a way to resolve this mutiny and secure the prestigious award he covets. 

Friday, April 28 | Spain, 2021 | Directed by Fernando León de Aranoa

Comedy, Drama | In Spanish (with English subtitles) | Rated R  

Guest speaker: Dr. Orlando Barreiro

Free Admission

We will have popcorn!

And be sure to join us after the screening for coffee or tea, and cookies!


All films will begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Lecture Hall. 

Join us after each screening for a lively discussion. 


Steven DeRosa 

Reserved Parking for International Film Festival

The area on the map marked in yellow has been reserved for community guests attending the International Film Festival.

Film Festival Parking Dobbs Ferry Campus