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COVID -19 Update

For the latest information about Mercy’s COVID-19 policies click here.  STUDENTS: To upload your vaccination documentation, click here.  

Learn Online

Distance Learning (Mercy Online)

We believe that higher education should be open to many different types of people, that includes those who are juggling work, family and friends and want to purse a college degree. Our 100% online programs give students the flexibility to fit school in around their schedule.  

We offer online programs in all of our five schools. Including degrees in: business, computer science, cybersecurity, counseling, counseling, education and many more.  

Our online programs offer the same value, recognition and accreditation as our traditional degree programs. Once you join Mercy’s online classroom, you’ll learn from our dedicated faculty whose years of practical experience in their fields will prepare you for an amazing career. 

The benefits of a Mercy Online degree include:

  • Affordability - Pay for classes and tuition, not room and board
  • Flexibility - Classes can accommodate your busy life schedule
  • 24/7 accessibility
  • Over 30 undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs offered entirely online
  • 200+ online classes
  • Dedicated professors who help ensure the success of online students

Additionally, you'll have a broad suite of online services at your disposal. These include online academic advising, an online learning center, career services and financial assistance. An in-depth orientation will ensure your academic career gets off to a positive start.

Types of Online Courses Mercy Offers 


Traditional online class without set meeting times.  

Online Synched 

Live online-only class that is held at a set time.  

Online Hybrid 

A combination class that has both a set time component and online work without specific structured time.  

Your Personalized Achievement Contract (PACT)

Our PACT program pairs you with a professionally trained mentor for every aspect of your college experience. Together you will create a customized plan designed to guarantee success.

Financial Aid at Mercy

Cost is certainly a factor when selecting a college, but it doesn't have to be a barrier. Mercy has one of the lowest private tuition rates in New York - we'll make higher education a reality for you. 

Contact Us

For undergraduate online programs:
Ayanna DeNully
Assistant Director of Distance Learning Admissions
Phone: 914-674-7677

For graduate online programs:
Phone: 1.877.MERCY.GO

Admission Requirements

Starting Your Online Degree

Admission Requirements for First-Year Students

Student banner
Returning to College

Admission Requirements for Transfer Students

Earn you B.S. in Organizational Management completely online
Pursuing a Master's Degree

Admission Requirements for Graduate Students

Questions to Ask Before You Start

Ask yourself these questions before beginning your online course: 

  1. Do I have the updated browser version, computer memory and speed processing required to using Blackboard course software? 

  1. If my own computer breaks down during the semester, do I access to a backup program? 

Important Resources

Becoming a successful online learner.

Recommended System Requirements


Mercy College and Dell have teamed up to offer you a variety of benefits. The link to Dell Discount program can be found within Mercy Connect. Please log onto Mercy Connect and scroll down. The  

Dell icon can be found on the bottom right-hand side of the page. 


Your PC should have at least 256 megabytes of memory and, at a minimum, a 40 gigabyte hard drive. 

Note: Although sound capability is not required for all online courses, Mercy Online recommends that student computers should have a sound card, speakers and microphone.  


Students should use Broadband (cable, DSL, FiOS) internet access. You can access the system with a dial-modem with 56k or higher. Inability to access or participate in your online course(s) will not be considered valid excuses for tuition refunds or Exception Committee determinations. 


Please click on the links below to access the free downloads available for the following browsers: 

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