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On Campus Parking!

Parking on Campus

All students, faculty and staff are required to obtain a parking permit in order to park legally at the Dobbs Ferry and Bronx Campuses. Students may obtain a permit from the Students Services Office at any of the aforementioned locations and faculty and staff may obtain their permits from the Safety Department, Rm. 234 Main Hall, Dobbs Ferry Campus. 

  • Undergraduate parking permits are available only to Sophomores, Juniors, & Seniors.
  • All vehicles parked on campus are required to have a Mercy University parking permit.
  • Always lock your vehicle and be sure the windows are closed.

Parking Permit Types


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  • Commuter - available to students living off campus only. Overnight Parking is not permitted. 
  • Resident - available to students living on the Dobbs Ferry campus in a Residence Hall. All residents vehicles or assigned to the R-Lot and are only permitted to park on upper lots on the following dates and times Friday 7pm to Monday 2am. Visitors and Service spaces are off limits.
  • Faculty- Allow to park on campus during business hours. Overnight parking is not permitted without the proper authorization. Please call Campus Safety to make the necessary arrangements. 
  • Staff- Allow to park on campus during business hours. Overnight parking is not permitted without the proper authorization. Please call Campus Safety to make the necessary arrangements. 
  • Union- Allow to park on campus during business hours. Overnight parking is not permitted without the proper authorization. Please call Campus Safety to make the necessary arrangements.
  • Vendors

Vehicle Registration & Information

The University has implemented an online vehicle registration system which can be found on Mercy Connect. The system allows for a total of two vehicle registrations. 

Residential Students are not able to use the Mercy University online vehicle registration form. 

  • Sophomore, Junior and Senior residential students may apply for parking permits with the Office of Residential Life. Parking permits will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis to those who have been cleared for housing by Student Financial Services.

Parking regulations are enforced by Mercy University Safety Officers at the Dobbs Ferry Campus. At the Bronx Campus this function is performed by the landlord or building managers. 

A parking citation issued by Campus Safety can be paid online at (Mercy Connect) or in person at the Student Services Office Center located at 555 Broadway Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522 between the hours of 9:00a.m. - 6:30p.m. Monday to Friday. 

A citation can be paid using a credit/debit card with a Visa or MasterCard logo, Cash, Money Order or Cashier’s Check and personal check. Your payment must be made within 10 working days from the date the citation was issued to avoid a one-time ten (10) dollar late fee.

A citation must be appealed within ten (10) working days from the date the citation was issued. 

 Appeal Instructions.pdf


When visiting Mercy University, please do not park in non-university parking areas on the perimeter of campus. Please park in the Visitor spaces or any available space on campus. 

Parking for visitors to the campus is limited, and designated spaces are few. A visitor who cannot find a parking space in a visitor area may park in any other available unreserved parking space, providing a visitor permit has been obtained from the Gatehouse.

If you have additional questions about parking for a special needs visitor, please contact our office at 914-674-7225.

Visiting Campus Residents

Guest permits are available on Friday afternoon for persons visiting campus residents for the weekend. Guest permits can be obtained from the Campus Safety office on Fridays. Guest are not allow to park overnight during the following days Monday through Thursday.

Although Mercy University prefers that neither vehicles nor personal property be left on the premises overnight, we understand that it is occasionally necessary to do so. Though we provide security to all lots, we do not assume responsibility for any damage or theft which may occur to your property.

If you intend to leave your vehicle parked overnight, you will need prior written approval from the Department of Campus Safety. This information will alert the officers of your vehicle. Only vehicles with a Mercy University decal are allowed to use Mercy University lots. Any vehicle parked on Mercy University property that is not registered with the Department of Campus Safety will be towed or booted at the owner's expense. 

If approved, please utilize the lower lot behind the basketball courts, unless approval has been given to utilize a different lot. 

Car exceeding 48 hours are require to leave vehicle keys with the Department of Safety. Please know that in times of extreme weather conditions Safety may be force to move your vehicle to another lot to allow the lot to be cleaned. In the event your vehicle needs to be moved, a call will be place to the numbers provided in the form below informing you of the need to move your vehicle. Please submit all forms to Campus Safety and necessary requested items.

Overnight Parking Form.pdf

Handicap spaces are available in multiple locations on campus. Individuals with permanent physical disabilities will be accommodated in accordance with Mercy University, State of New York, and federal regulations. Parking in designated handicap spaces requires a state-issued disability plate or placard in addition to a Mercy University Permit.   

If you have special requirements for mobility, you must contact the Disability Services Office. The Disability Office will coordinate with the Office of Campus Safety and Human Resources to determine the best solution for your needs. They can be reached at (914) 674–7523.

Campus Shuttles

Due to the expected reduced capacity of students, faculty and staff on campus this fall, the University will be making changes to the shuttle availability and schedules.

  • The Bronx to Dobbs Ferry Shuttle will run on a reduced schedule with limited capacity to maintain social distance guidelines.
  • The Westchester Square to Bronx Shuttle will run on a limited schedule.
  • The following shuttles will be discontinued until further notice: Palisades (as noted above), Ardsley Train Station, Tarrytown and Hotel. Needs for these shuttles will be reevaluated on an ongoing basis.
  • In keeping with CDC recommended cleaning protocols, all Mercy run shuttles will receive enhanced cleaning at the end of each day and will be wiped down after every trip. Masks worn properly over nose and mouth will be required for the entire trip by the drivers and passengers.


Mav Transit Fall 2023 Shuttle Schedule

Public Transportation

Mercy University and NJ Transit have partnered to offer full-time undergraduate and graduate students 25% off the regular price of a monthly rail, bus or light rail pass.

In order to receive this special pricing, students must enroll through NJ Transit's Quick-Tik program. The link can be found in your Mercy Connect Account.

What is Quik-Tik?

Quik-Tik offers the convenience of auto-pay combined with online account management. You will receive your student monthly pass directly through the mail and your credit card will be automatically billed.

It's Important to Remember:

  • You must sign up by the 10th of the month to receive your monthly pass for travel during the next month. (Enrollment must be completed on or before the 10th of the previous month to receive the pass for the next month)
  • A non-refundable $3 processing fee will be applied each month, in addition to the fare for the pass
  • After you enroll for Quik-Tik, you will receive a new monthly pass in the mail each month unless you choose to suspend your account
  • If you choose to suspend your monthly pass (winter or summer break), you will need to reactivate your account once again through Mercy Connect (this will verify enrollment)
  • Students who participate in this program agree that the monthly pass is for their exclusive use only. Each student is eligible to receive one discounted monthly pass per month. Passes are non-transferable. Any abuse or purposeful deception will result in the cancelation of the student's monthly pass account and (s)he will be unable to participate in the program in the future. This will also apply to any other student who is knowingly involved. 

For any additional questions about Quik-Tik, contact: Quik-Tik (866) Quik-Tik

Metro-North Railroad  

Dobbs Ferry Campus is located just a short walk from the Ardsley-on-Hudson on the Hudson Line. 

Hudson Line - Schedules

Shuttle service available to the New Rochelle campus. Please refer to schedule.

New Haven Line - Schedules


MTA eTix ®  - Mobile ticketing app that lets you purchase and use Metro-North Railroad tickets directly on your smartphone or mobile device.

Westchester Bee-Line 

NYC MTA - Schedules & Maps


Hudson Link


Mercy University has partnered with 511NY Rideshare to offer carpooling match services for our community. 511NY Rideshare offers a Guaranteed Ride Home that is hassle-free and easy to use at no cost (limitations apply). 

Other Transportation Information

WHO:             Any staff member, full-time faculty member or commuter student.

WHEN:          One full semester, Monday through Thursday.  

WHERE:       There are designated carpool parking spots on the DF Campus.

WHY:             The carpool program is based on the following tiers and each person in the carpool will be given the incentive, regardless of whose vehicle is used.  

Tier 1: 2 or 3 people per car – each person receives $100 per semester 

Tier 2: 4 or more people per car – each person receives $200 per semester



  • Everyone in the group must register together at the Campus Safety Office in Main Hall and have a Mercy University Parking Decal.
  • Commuter students can pick up decals from the Office of Enrollment Services, Mercy Hall, Dobbs Ferry. Faculty and staff can pick up decals from the Department of Campus Safety, Main Hall.
  • Only ONE vehicle can park on campus at a time (Monday-Thursday). Parking is monitored.
  • THREE days will be allowed in the semester for those days that you are unable to ride in a carpool. Automatic disqualification for all carpoolers if more days are taken.
  • Carpool permit hangtags MUST be returned at the end of the semester. 

All schedules times are approximate. Timetables and other information on this page are subject to change. We make every effort to post an accurate schedule; however, travel times may change as a result of school activities and traffic conditions including road construction and inclement weather. Please allow for extra travel time during these instances.

Shuttles are a free service for students, faculty and staff, with presentation of a valid Mercy ID card.

Riding rules

• Have the required Mercy ID card ready when boarding the shuttle bus. This ensures that the shuttle will remain on schedule and not delay fellow passengers. Drivers are instructed to be firm on the ID policy especially for the Bronx campus shuttle.

• Allow passengers to exit before boarding the bus. If you stand to the left of the door, passengers can disembark to the right, and it will reduce boarding time.

• When capacity reaches standing room, move toward the back of the bus for others to get on. For safety reasons, stay behind the yellow line and avoid standing or sitting in the stairwells.

• No open food or drink, littering or smoking allowed on the bus.

• Drivers will not allow passenger to board and disembark the bus unless it is at an established stop.

• Keep your volume down as not everyone shares your interest in music or conversation.

• Please check for all personal possessions before disembarking the vehicle.

If you want to share some feedback about your shuttle experience, please share it with Transportation Services and not directly with the driver. Some comments can make it stressful for the driver. With safety in mind, any feedback is better shared when the driver is not driving on a route. Contact Transportation Services at, 914-888-5230.

Contact Us

Report any suspicious activity immediately. 

Emergency Situation





Non-emergency situation (Staffed 24/7)
Dobbs Ferry - (914) 674-7225

Non-emergency situation (Staffed during work hours)

  • Bronx - (718) 678-8983
  • Manhattan - (212) 615-3319


The Department of Campus Safety is located in Main Hall 234 and is open 5 days a week from 9 am - 5pm.

The Command Center in Founders Hall is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.