Angela Chaney-Grant

  • Instructor, Nursing
Angela Chaney-Grant

Angela Chaney-Grant holds a Master of Science Degree in Nursing Education and has a certification in wound care. Angela Chaney-Grant has been a Registered Nurse over 14 years. However, her years within the nursing profession extend well over 20 years. She considers herself to have climbed the nursing ladder. She began her health career as a certified nursing assistant and a Licensed Practical Nurse. She became a registered professional nurse in 2009. Currently, she is pursuing her Doctor of Nurse Practice degree at Chamberlain University, focusing on educational leadership. Mrs. Chaney-Grants motto is "Believe you can and you will!"

  1. Research interest include and currently working on:
  • Addressing anti-anxiety measures among traditional nursing students.
  • Implementing case studies for multigenerational learners.

Mrs. Chaney-Grant prides herself in her service as a nurse. While working at the bedside, she not only cared for her patients’ physical diagnoses, but she also approached each patient holistically, addressing all aspects of her patients’ being. Currently, Ms. Chaney-Grant holds a position as full-time faculty for Mercy University’s Traditional Nursing program in Dobs ferry New York. She has now taken her approach from the patient’s bedside into the classroom, holistically educating future nurses. Mrs. Chaney-Grant  focuses on teaching the foundations of nursing in a holistic learning environment.

Mrs. Chaney-Grant has received many awards over the years, to name a few: The Montefiore FACES OF RESPECT, Montefiore at its Best, The Nurses week Award for Excellence in Compassion and Teamwork, and the nursing service award from the NU CHI CHI Chapter Inc. of CHI ETA PHI Sorority, Inc. in Nursing Service for Interprofessional Collaborative Care.