Dana Horton

  • Assistant Professor, English

Dr. Horton is an Assistant Professor of English at Mercy College. She received her Ph.D. in English at Northeastern University and her B.A. in English and African-American Studies at Temple University. Her areas of specialization include African American Literature, Black Women Writers, Multi-ethnic Literature, Contemporary American Literature, Slave Narratives, Hip Hop Culture, Visual Rhetoric, and Feminist Theory. 

At Mercy, Dr. Horton teaches African-American Literature, The Harlem Renaissance, Hip Hop Literature and Culture, Literature by Women, LGBTQ+ Literature and Experiences, The Black Atlantic: Literature and History, Survey of American Literature II: 1865-Present, The Short Story, and Composition Courses. As a professor, Dr. Horton strongly advocates for using popular culture as a pedagogical tool that can help students understand the course material, recognize the connection between the course content and cultural events, and dismantle the boundaries between the classroom and the community. Dr. Horton believes in the power of effective written communication. Her goal is to teach her students how to become strong, perceptive writers and to help them realize that writing is fun. 

Dr. Horton is currently revising a book project titled 12 Years a Slave-Master: Gender, Genre, and Race in Post-Neo-Slave Narratives, which examines representations of black and white female slave-owners in twenty-first century American literature, film, and music. She recently published a peer-reviewed journal article, ""You Will Sell the Negress!": Using the Post-Neo-Slave Narrative to Revise Representations of Women in Django Unchained and 12 Years a Slave," in Americana: The Journal of American Popular Culture (1900-Present). In her free time, Dr. Horton enjoys riding her bike, playing volleyball, watching documentaries, and collecting purple items.

Ph.D. in English, Northeastern University

B.A. in English and African-American Studies, Temple University

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

““Sell the Negress!”: Using the Post-Neo-Slave Narrative to Revise Representations of Women in Django

Unchained and 12 Years a Slave.” Americana: The Journal of American Popular Culture. 17.2:

2018, http://www.americanpopularculture.com/journal/articles/fall_2018/horton.htm.


Book Reviews

“Review of In the Wake: On Blackness and Being by Christina Sharpe (Duke University Press).” Lateral:

Journal of the Cultural Studies Association. 7.1: 2018,



Book Manuscript in Progress

12 Years a Slave-Master: Gender, Genre, and Race in Post-Neo-Slave Narratives (under contract with

Lexington Books)

The Dr. Fay T. and Dennis Greenwald Faculty Development Award (2019)

Faculty Senate Micro-Grant Recipient (2 times) (2018-2020)

Faculty Travel Grant Recipient (6 times) (2017-2021)