Elizabeth Pete

  • Assistant Professor, Health Service Management
Elizabeth Pete

Dr. Pete is the director of the Health Services Management Graduate Program. She brings years of experience in health care management in both public and private health systems. Dr. Pete is also an experienced educator whose instructional approach incorporates the application of cognitive psychology, adult learning and higher education to health care management and leadership.

Doctorate of Education: Adult Learning ad Higher Education - Walden University 2016

Masters of Science: Health Psychology - New York University 1986 Improving Compliance among Non-hospitalized Schizophrenics

Bachelor of Science -  Psychology - Lehman College 1984

Health Care Management Students’ Views on Diversity Management

  • Submission to Internal Review Board approval March 2021

Impact of Brain-based Learning Techniques

  • Data collection began in Spring 2019 – suspended Spring 2020 due to COVID-19



Inclusive Excellence Fellows in Research Project

  • Funded by Howard Hughes Medical Institute Grant
  • Data collection and fellowship in Spring 2020 – suspended due to COVID-19

Conference Papers& Presentations

Increasing Adjunct Satisfaction with Professional Development

Presentation 44th Annual POD Network Conference, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania November 2019

Assistant Professor, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Courses Taught:

  • Crisis Management and Emergency Preparedness - This graduate course addresses emergency preparedness and crisis management.
  • Ethical Issues and the Health Care Manager - This graduate course addresses ethical issues affecting governance and management of health care.
  • Strategic Planning for the Health Care Organization - This graduate course addresses the role of health care managers in the design and formulation of organizational strategies.
  • Health Care Finance - This graduate course addresses students to role of health care managers in health care financing in the United States.
  • Action Research and Data Analysis - This graduate course provides students with the knowledge and ability to use research techniques to develop and implement interventions needed to address real-world problems impacting health care management and delivery and assess program outcomes and effectiveness.
  • Measuring & Enhancing Organizational Performance - This graduate course addresses performance measurement in health care organizations.
  • Health Services Management - This graduate course is intended for students who lack health care management experience. It addresses organizational principles, practices, and insights pertinent to the management of health services organizations.
  • Managerial Communication and Leadership - This graduate focuses on written and oral communication and effective styles of communication needed by the health care leader in day-to-day operations and crises.
  • Capstone Project Health Service Management – This is a cumulative project that requires students to use the capabilities developed in the Health Service Management Program to develop an intervention that addressed a real-world problem impacting health care management and delivery and design and action research plan to assess program outcomes and effectiveness.