Ellen Sperber

  • Associate Professor, Psychology
  • Department Chair, Psychology and Social Work
Ellen Sperber, Ph.D.

Dr. Sperber is the Chairperson of the Department of Psychology and Social Work.  This includes:  Graduate and Undergraduate Psychology, Marriage and Family Therapy, School Psychology and Social Work Programs.  She is also the Program Director for the Undergraduate Psychology Program.

As the Psychology Program Director she is responsible for scheduling classes, staffing both full-time and part-time faculty and addressing student concerns. 

Ph.D.  Neuropsychology, Graduate Center of City University NY

         “Cholinergic Involvement in Pain Inhibition”

Post-Doctoral Training  at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY

           Developmental Epilepsy

M.A.  Psychology, City University of NY at Queens

          “Cold-water swim analgesia following  pharmacological manipulation of GABA”

M.A.  Experimental Psychology,  State University of NY at Oswego

         “Facilitation of Cued Alternation Learning by Scopolamine and Methlscopolamine"

B.A.   Psychology/Anthropology,  State University of NY at Buffalo

Dr. Sperber is well known in the fields of Developmental Epilepsy and Pain Induced Analgesia.  She has published approximately 80 articles and chapters on her research. 

Over the 20 years of teaching, Dr. Sperber has taught a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate Psychology courses.  In particular, she has taught Psychobiology, Abnormal and Developmental Psychology classes.  However, she most enjoys teaching the Introduction to Psychology class and getting students excited about Psychology.

American Epilepsy Research Award

Phi Beta Kappa

Sigma XI Honor Society