Jade Snyder

  • Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
Jade Snyder

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My pedagogy includes experience-based exercises; reading-based lessons; visually dynamic lectures; visual and conceptual critique; presentation assembly, delivery, and group work; one-on-one brainstorming; computer-facilitated learning, and other techniques as need dictates to help meet course objectives. I design curricula to help prepare students for a career that will demand their best work and their best thinking. To help them get there, I show how the approach to each project is as important as the execution. I hope that my ability to pivot, remain flexible, and approach problems from multiple perspectives will model for students some of the most critical and useful life skills they can master. 

With two decades of advertising, digital and branding experience, I have held executive-level positions at some of the world’s largest advertising agencies, and I’ve led teams to develop award-winning creative strategies and messaging for Fortune 500 clients. My creative passion and industry acumen help frame my instruction, where students learn that narrative and storytelling are the heart of all communication.

I believe sensitivity to diversity of background and experience to be paramount in helping students succeed. As such, I attempt to learn students’ motivations, wants, and needs, as well as the demands on their time and attention. Together, we engage in an immersive experience designed to facilitate meaningful connections.

MFA, Writing – Savannah College of Art + Design

BA, Art History/Art – Drew University

  • Intercultural Communication (COMM 220)

  • Effective Presentations (COMM 370)

  • Integrated Communications Strategy: Studio (COMM 450)

  • Creative Advertising (MEDA 255)

  • Practice of Public Relations (COMM 252)

  • Publicity Writing (COMM 154)

  • Oral Communication (COMM 110)


  • MERCY COLLEGE: Teaching Excellence, 2021

  • TEMPLE UNIVERSITY: Innovation in Teaching, 2006


  • WORLDWIDE WEB HEALTH AWARD: Arimidex.com , 2006

  • ECHO AWARD: Procter & Gamble, “Tremor” Online advertising campaign, 2004

  • CLIO AWARD Shortlist: Internet Advertising, 2002, Coca-Cola 2002 Olympic Torch Relay Web site and online campaign

  • AXIEM AWARD: 2002:  3 Gold; 1 Silver, Coca-Cola Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games – Web site and online campaign

  • INTERNATIONAL WEB PAGE AWARD:  Procter & Gamble; ‘Tremor’ Online Campaign 2003 – Creative Excellence; Popsicle, 2001 - Creative Excellence, Creative Achievement, Best of Category (Games); Brooks Brothers Web Site, 2000

  • BDA/TRT:  Sydney Paralympics, Web site, live stream and media coverage WeMedia, 2001; Sydney Paralympics, Web site, live stream and media coverage WeMedia, 2000

  • ADDY AWARDS:  WeMedia Print Campaign, 2000; Chevy Chase Bank Web site and online banking platform, 1996.