Jeffrey Cohen

  • Associate Professor
  • Director, School Psychology 
Dr. Jeff Cohen

Dr. Cohen is an Associate Professor in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Program Director of the Master of Science Program in School Psychology. He was a practicing School Psychologist in Westchester County for 35 years before coming to Mercy University on a full-time basis in 2009. Prior to that he was an adjunct faculty member, beginning his teaching experience at the University in 1975. He is Past-President of the Westchester County Psychological Association. He teaches undergraduate and graduate courses, advises candidates in the School Psychology Program and reviews and interviews all applicants, in addition to the other responsibilities of Program Director.

Ph.D. and M.A.,  School Psychology, Hofstra University

B.A. Psychology, New York University, University Heights Campus

Two projects of interest:

1) Developing a consistent method of evaluating the quality of the psychological report written by students as they learn, practice and develop their report writing skills;

2) Perspectives held by students wishing to enter graduate school psychology programs on the values, attitudes and beliefs they believe individuals should possess in order to adequately fulfill the role and responsibilities of a school psychologist.

At the Graduate level, my teaching focuses on: 1)Intellectual evaluation using the Wechsler Scales of Intelligence; 2)Professional Issues and Ethics; 3)Assessment of Social, Emotional and Behavioral Development; 4)The process of psychological and educational assessment.

At the Undergraduate level, teaching centers on: 1)Psychology of the Exceptional Child;  2) Classic, seminal writings in the Social and Behavioral Sciences; 3) Personality theory.

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Westchester County Distinguished Psychologist Award: Westchester County Psychological Association, April, 1994

Dorothy H. Hughes Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement in the field of Educational or School Psychology: New York University, May, 1983.