Lisa Sarran-Armogan

  • Assistant Professor, Biology
Dr. Lisa Sarran-Armogan

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Dr. Lisa Sarran-Armogan is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Mercy University.

  • Course coordinator of General Biology 1 and General Biology 2. 
  • Coordinator HHMI Inclusive Excellence Fellows Academy
  • S-STEM Faculty Advisor  


Ph.D. and M.S. Biomedical Sciences, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Department of Cell Biology, Gottesman Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

M.S. Biological Sciences, Fordham University, Molecular and Cell Biology Program

M.S., New York University, Molecular and Cell Biology Program                                                         

B.A., Manhattanville College,  Majoring in Biology                         


Dr. Sarran-Armogan has taught and advised  undergraduate biology students since 2014. She primariily teaches Genral Biology 1 and General Biogy 2 lecture and laboratory  well as the Bridge to Biology course.  Dr. Sarran-Armogan's responsibilities as a gateway course coordinator at Mercy University includes being a liaison to all General Biology 1 and General Biology 1 instructors. She facilitates course  planning, course management, teaching strategies and lesson design. Dr. Armogan has designed and taught the Summer and Winter Bridge to Biology Course since 2021 to increase student preparedness for  General Biology 1. She has also involved with curricullum review for gateway courses and has initiated multiple programs for student success within the Biology program at Mercy University.