Lorraine Cashin

  • Assistant Professor and Program Director, Physician Assistant Studies
Lorraine Cashin, MPS, PA-C

Dr. Lorraine Cashin is a tenured Assistant Professor and Director of the Graduate Program in Physician Assistant Studies at Mercy University. She has been a physician assistant for 20 years. Dr. Cashin earned her Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies from Mercy University, graduating as a member of Mercy's first class in the Physician Assistant Studies program in 2001. Prior to joining Mercy University as program director, Dr. Cashin was an adjunct professor at Long Island University and a practicing PA focusing on emergency medicine. While at the Nassau University Medical Center, she was the Director of PA Services and Director of the Sexual Assault Program.

Dr. Cashin's passion for community service began early in her career. She has engaged in numerous medical missions to medically underserved areas in Rwanda and Tanzania. In Rwanda, she helped establish one of the first HIV clinics serving women that were HIV positive or at high risk. Dr. Cashin has continued her international service work as director of the PA program, leading students and faculty on medical missions to Mali, Nicaragua, Columbia, the Gambia and the Dominican Republic. Closer to home, Dr. Cashin leads her students and faculty to underserved communities of the Bronx using the Program's Mobile Health Vehicle to provide health screenings and education.

Dr. Cashin's hope is to instill the desire to perform community service in all of her students. During the COVID-19 pandemic Cashin has continued to serve as the program director for PA studies at Mercy University. Cashin also continues to practice clinically. She currently works in an intensive care unit (ICU), responding to the need in this area during this time. She continues in that role as well as volunteering in a COVID-19 vaccination POD on weekends to help coordinate and vaccinate all eligible persons.

M.P.S. and B.S., Mercy University

In addition to her responsibilities as program director, Prof. Cashin plays an active role in teaching. She is the course instructor in Patient Interviewing and Communication in the Medical Encounter, courses that introduce students to the art of obtaining and deciphering information gleaned from a history and physical examination and the importance of establishing a rapport with patients and creating an atmosphere that promotes empathy, understanding and compassion. Prof Cashin also assists in other program courses including Physical Diagnosis and the Fundamentals of Clinical Medicine series.