Louis Grasso

  • Assistant Professor and Program Director, Media Studies
Louis Grasso

Director of Media Studies with concentrations in Cinema Studies, Digital Journalism, and Media Production with additional course tracks in Performance and Public Relations.

Professor Grasso works independently in the field of television production as a producer, director, camera person and editor. 

MASTER OF FINE ARTS, Fine Art and Technology, 2009: graduated with distinction.

MASTER OF ARTS, Communication Arts, concentration in Media Production, 1992.

BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS, Communication Arts, concentration in Television Production, 1986.  All Degrees conferred by New York Institute of Technology, Manhattan Campus.

Building on the Spectrum series of media management interviews produced in the 1980's and available through WorldCat.org library system, Professor Grasso continues his exploration of the media business and technology with the Conversations in Media Management series producing 60-minute video interviews with individuals from the field of media management. They include Chris Carlisle, President of Fox 21, Mel Damski, Director of the television situation comedy MASH, Rick McKay, Producer of The Golden Age of Broadway documentary; Ally Sheedy, actress and media business person; and Albert Primo, creator of the modern news presentation television format.

To bring relevant professional experience into the classroom and studio, Professor Grasso also produces, directs and does camera work for a variety of annual events held by the City of New Rochelle such as the Thanksgiving Parade, Festival of Lights, Memorial Day and Juneteenth ceremonies and festivals to name a few.  All are archived online through https://www.newrochelleny.com/ website under view council and board meetings.

Professor Grasso teaches various formats of multi-camera Television Studio Production and Television Field Production required by the program's foundational courses. He is dedicated to helping students understand the relevance and impact of television, radio and film, particularly in the production studios by teaching practicum-based skills through exercises culminating in finished projects. Grasso regularly attends conferences and demonstrations to incorporate the latest technologies into his classroom and studio teaching. In addition, Grasso organizes and hosts the Annual Quill Award Ceremony that honors students for excellence in coursework, recognizes outstanding student alums, and professionals in the field. He also organizes and hosts the Annual Media Studies Showcase that highlight student work produced in the program classes throughout that year.

Selected Works

Conversations in Media Management. (Ongoing) Direct interviews with various performers and production personnel in film and television. 

Spectrum: a series of over 25 media management interviews produced during the 1980s and available through WorldCat.org library system. These 60-minute interviews included Bob Howard former President of NBC, Guy Mazzeo VP of Blair Syndication, Tola Murphy Barron VP of Showtime, Debra Blackwell, Unit Director of the Original SNL, Dick Brescia, Executive VP, CBS Radio Networks to name a few. 

Other professional media work in television studio and field production encompassing multiple presentation formats such as documentary, training video, fictional narratives, PSA’s, TV pilots and corporate video include:

  • Thanksgiving Parade 2007-24 New Rochelle - TV Director, Production Setup
  • Memorial Day 2008-24 New Rochelle - Camera, Director, Production Setup
  • Media Management 2003-Ongoing - TV Director, Main Camera, Video Editor
  • Arts in the Arena 2001 TV Pilot - Camera and Main Camera
  • Walter Cronkite 2000 Edison Museum, Archive library - Main Camera
  • Operation J.A.D.E. 1997 NYPD - Producer
  • Mulligan on Jazz 1994 Television Pilot - Audio Producer
  • Aviation Disaster Drill 1993 NYPD - Producer
  • Child Care 1990 Day Care Council, NY - Audio content producer
  • Registering Securities PLI Instructional - Director
  • Answer the Census 1990 U.S. Census Bureau - Audio content producer
  • Aviation Disaster Drill 1991 NYPD - Producer
  • The Tibetan Method 1988 Fictional Narrative - Music and Sound Effects
  • Vision Award Ceremony NYIT - Producer
  • Employee Benefits PLI Instructional - Director
  • HDTV 1125 Productions Brazilian TV - Camera
  • Spectrum 1987 Media management interview series. - Audio, camera, editor

Awards and letters of appreciation.

Certificate and Letter of Appreciation: Chamber of Commerce, City of New Rochelle, NY, 2023.

Honorary Degree: Master of Pedagogy, Mercy University, 2018.

Letter of Appreciation: Public Office of City of New Rochelle, NY, 2018.

Letter of Appreciation: New Rochelle Chamber of Commerce, NY, 2014

Letter of Appreciation: United Veterans Memorial and Patriotic Association, 2011.

Letter of Appreciation: Public Office of City of New Rochelle, NY,  2010.

Certificate of Appreciation: Chamber of Commerce of New Rochelle, NY, 2007.

Excellence in Teaching: Journalism and Media Program, Mercy University, 2003.

Excellence in Teaching: Journalism and Media Students, Mercy University, 2000.

Certificate of Appreciation: New York State Disaster Preparedness Commission, 1994.

Certificate of Appreciation: New York City Police Department, Operations Division, 1993.

Outstanding Community Service: New York Institute of Technology, 1991.

Media and Arts Award: New Institute of Technology, 1991.