Mahmud Wazihullah

  • Instructor, Business

Mahmud Wazihullah is the Director of the Business Honors Program.  He came to America at the age of 18 for a college education.  Armed with a few degrees he started as an Investment Banker at Drexel Burnham Lambert and Management Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group.  Ever the entrepreneur at heart, Wazi then started businesses that have been sold as well as crashed and burned – so he can empathize with fellow entrepreneurs.  Having lived, worked, and travelled in over 25 countries, with some fluency in 4 languages, Wazi brings an international perspective.  He was born in a corrugated hut in Bangladesh with no running water, and so he instills a socially mindful orientation in his students.  Wazi is defined by his quest to make the world a better place by providing an entrepreneurial, transformative education at Mercy University.

Stanford UniversityMasters in Business Administration (MBA)

University of Pennsylvania/ The Wharton School, BS Engineering (Electrical) & BS Economics (Finance)