Meghan Marrero

  • Professor, Secondary Education
Megan Marrero headshot

Dr. Marrero is Professor of Secondary Science Education and Co-Director of the Mercy University Center for STEM Education.  She has served as PI, co-Director or Co-PI on several large grants from the National Science Foundation, NASA and Wipro, Ltd., totaling more than $6 million.

In 2018, Dr. Marrero was a Fulbright Scholar at the National College of Ireland, Dublin, where she facilitated workshops and researched the international implementation of FLORES (Family Learning and Outreach for Research and Education in STEM), a family involvement program for early childhood learners and their families. 

Dr. Marrero's research interests are in ocean literacy for teachers and students (she co-authored a high school marine science textbook), and teacher education in STEM. She is a past president of the National Marine Educators Association (2018-19).

EdD, Science Education, Teachers College, Columbia University

Advanced Certificate, Educational Leadership, Queens College

MA, Science Education, Teachers College, Columbia University

BS, Biological Sciences, Cornell University

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2018       Fulbright Scholar Award to Ireland

2014       New York State Marine Education Association Award for Presidential Service

2013       James Centorino Award for Excellence in Marine Education