Sandra Bertholf

  • Assistant Professor and Associate Program Director, Veterinary Technology
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Sandra Bertholf, MS, LVT is an Associate Professor in the Veterinary Technology Program. She teaches VETC 101: Introduction to Veterinary Science, VETC 350/350A Applied Clinical Veterinary Nursing lecture and lab and VETC 496 Externship II. Professor Bertholf is a full time faculty member of the Veterinary Technology Program and an alumna of Mercy College. 

B.S. Mercy College Veterinary Technology 

M.S. Mercy College Organizational Leadership 


Professor Bertholf's teaching focuses on student's ability to apply their didactic knowledge to real-life veterinary cases. She shares her years of experience with her students to excite them about learning multiple modalities to better understand their patient's needs. 

Assessing Essential Skills of Veterinary Technology Students, 3rd edition. -Contributing author