Susan Lapidus

  • Associate Professor, Special Education
Dr. Susan Mariano Lapidus

Dr. Mariano-Lapidus has been recognized internationally as a Fulbright Scholar of inclusive education and has expertise in conducting international research and educational collaboration. She has been invited to participate in national and international conferences, research and publications pertaining to inclusion. Additionally, she has extensive experience consulting directly with schools, families and children and as an evaluator for the Department of Health in NYC. 

Ph.D.       Special Education Birth through Adolescence; Health and Human   

                 Behavior Studies Columbia University, Teachers College, New York, N.Y.  


M.Ed.     Special Education Columbia University, Teachers College, New York, N.Y. 


M.A.       Psychology Long Island University, Brooklyn, N.Y.



Selected Invited Speaker

2018 University of Turku, Finland.

Title: Using MTSS to Provide Educational and Behavioral Support to students in the United States.


2016 University of Turku, Finland.

Title: Student Support in the U.S. Educational System.


2015 International Week. Pädagogische Hochschule Oberösterreich University of Education of Upper Austria, Linz, Austria.

Title: Inclusive Action Roundtable


My teaching follows a Disabilities Studies/ Critical Race Theory (Dis/Crit) perspective.  I inquire into notions of ‘Special Education’ and dis/ability by reviewing the history and culture of education, constructs supporting our current system and educational legislation while questioning the construct of ‘normalcy’.  

Jordan, K., Mariano Lapidus, S. , Ramaswamy, S. (2021). Analyzing the Role of      Implicit BiasFrom a DisCrit Perspective and the Practical Application of Recommendations for The Pyramid Model Framework. In T. Neuman, J. Felix and E.  Shliakhovchuk (Eds) Policy and Practice Challenges in Education (accepted)


 Braunsteiner, M.L. & Mariano-Lapidus, S. (2017). Using the Index for Inclusion to    measure attitudes and perceptions of inclusion in teacher and school building leader candidates in the United States and Austria.  International Journal of Inclusive Education, 10.1080/13603116.2017.1396503


Fulbright Specialist Award (2012)

  • Responsible for conducting research and collaboration with faculty at the Pädagogische Hochschule Niederösterreich (University of Education of Lower Austria, Baden, Austria) and local inclusive elementary schools.  Led classes on inclusion and consulted with senior faculty of Pädagogische Hochschule Niederösterreich in designing curriculum for their new Masters in Inclusive Education.