Thomas Milton

  • Professor, Business

Dr. Milton teaches courses in International Business, Principles of Management, and the Junior Seminar, both in the classroom and online.

Ph. D. in Management, Walden University.

M.A. in English Literature, University of Iowa (Writer’s Workshop)

B.A. in English and French Literature, Princeton University.

Issues of social justice and peace that affect business.

Promotes develop of skills in critical thinking, writing, oral communication, and teamwork that are required for a successful career in business.

Trend Tracking, John Wiley, 1990, co-author with Gerald Celente, founder of the Trends Research Institute.

Trend Tracking, Warner Books, 1991, an updated paperback edition of the Wiley book.

No Way to Peace, Nepperhan Press, 2008.

The Admiral’s Daughter, Nepperhan Press, 2008.

All the Flowers, Nepperhan Press, 2009

Infamy, Nepperhan Press, 2010

Shower of Roses, Nepperhan Press, 2011

Sara’s Laughter, Nepperhan Press, 2011

The Golden Door, Nepperhan Press, 2012

Outside the Gate, Nepperhan Press, 2013

Leave of Absence, Nepperhan Press, 2014

Invisible Wounds, Nepperhan Press, 2015

Orphans of War, Nepperhan Press, 2016

The Silver Locket, Nepperhan Press, 2017

Eden Valley, Nepperhan Press, 2018

The Godmother, Nepperhan Press, 2019

The Last Resort, Nepperhan Press, 2019

The Lineman, Nepperhan Press, 2020

The Lost Summer, Nepperhan Press, 2021

Milos and Amira, Nepperhan Press, 2021

Mercy University Award for Excellence in Teaching

Sr. Gratia Maher Award for Excellence in Teaching

Chi Sigma Medal for Excellence in Teaching

Honorary Member of Delta Mu Delta

Academy of American Poets Award

Phi Beta Kappa (Princeton)