William Farber

  • Associate Professor, Secondary Education
Associate Professor William Farber

Dr. William Farber is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education for the Mercy University School of Education and is also a United States Navy Veteran (1968-1974).

Dr. Farber teaches both mathematics and mathematics education courses. Moreover,

Dr. Farber coordinates a multitude of professional development initiatives and grant programs targeted to secondary school pre-service and in-service mathematics teachers. Mercy University has been awarded a major grant of just over 1.1 million dollars from the National Science Foundation (NSF) under the Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program. The grant is for a project to advance mathematics education, with a particular emphasis on veterans retraining for new careers as secondary mathematics teachers. Dr. Farber authored the grant and is the Principal Investigator of the project.

• Doctor of Education - Mathematics Education, Columbia University Teachers College, New York, N.Y. 4/90
• Master of Education - Mathematics Education, Columbia University Teachers College, New York, N.Y. 6/81
• Master of Arts - Mathematics Education, Columbia University Teachers College, New York, N.Y. 6/80
• Bachelor of Science - Mathematics, Manhattan College, Riverdale, New York, 1/77
• Administration and Supervision, New York State Certification, Manhattan College, New York 12/86

Research interests include mathematical problem-solving

Currently working with Dr. Sisi Li (Mathematics Professor) on an article focusing on geometric probability and coding.

The School of Education of Mercy University
Associate Professor, Department of Secondary Mathematics Education, 2010-Present
• Responsibilities include teaching graduate students mathematics education courses with a focus on teaching and learning mathematics at the secondary level
Curriculum Development (Mercy University, 2011-Present)
Developed and wrote the following course syllabi in mathematics education and mathematics content:
• Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools
• Mathematical Problem-Solving in Secondary Schools
• Action Research in Mathematics Education
• Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Secondary School Mathematics
• Enriching the Curriculum of Secondary School Mathematics
• Methods of Teaching Mathematics and Assessment in Secondary Schools
• Problem-Based Learning in Secondary School Mathematics
• History of Mathematics
• Advanced Euclidean Geometry


• Farber, W., Li, C., “The Unbirthday Problem: What is the probability that the birthdays of n people will have at least one missing month?”, MathAMATYC Educator, February 2016, Vol. 7 Number 2. https://amatyc.org/page/EducatorFeb2016
• Farber, W., Posamentier, A., Germain-Williams, Thaler, B., “100 Commonly Asked Student Questions in Math Class, Grades 6-12 and Answers that Promote Mathematical Understanding”, Corwin Press, December, 2013  https://sk.sagepub.com/books/100-commonly-asked-questions-in-math-class
• Farber, W. (2012) “Using Item Analysis as a Tool to Inform Mathematics Instruction in the Middle School Classroom: A Model of Data-Driven Instruction.” Journal of Mathematics Education at Teachers College, 53 – 60, 73        https://www.researchgate.net/publication/277092476_Using_Item_Analysis_Data_as_a_Tool_to_Inform_Instruction_in_the_Mathematics_Classroom_A_Model_of_Data-Driven_Instruction

  • Awarded 'Educator of the Year' 2018 by Education Update
  • Inducted into the NYS Supervisors of Mathematics Education Hall of Fame

• Principal Investigator and Author, National Science Foundation (NSF) Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program - Mathematics Education Intensive Residency Program (MEIRPro)
(April, 2017 – Present)

  • Appointed Mathematics Education District Representative for Westchester County, New York (2019 – Present) by The New York State Association of Teachers of Mathematics

• Co-authored and developed: Fifth Graders Who Code-A Partnership Initiative between The School of Education of Mercy University, the Yonkers Public Schools, The Yonkers Public Library (January, 2019-Present)
• Authored and developed the 'Race-To-the-Top' New York State awarded 2.4 million dollars to establish a Mercy University graduate residency program in mathematics education for the Yonkers Schools. (2011-2015)
• Co-Authored with Yonkers City School District– Mathematics and Science Partnerships Professional Development Grant–(New York State Education Department)–2014-2016