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William Farber

Dr. William Farber is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education for the Mercy College School of Education and is also a United States Navy Veteran (1968-1974).

Dr. Farber teaches both mathematics and mathematics education courses. Moreover,

Dr. Farber coordinates a multitude of professional development initiatives and grant programs targeted to secondary school pre-service and in-service mathematics teachers. Mercy College has been awarded a major grant of just over 1.1 million dollars from the National Science Foundation (NSF) under the Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program. The grant is for a project to advance mathematics education, with a particular emphasis on veterans retraining for new careers as secondary mathematics teachers. Dr. Farber authored the grant and is the Principal Investigator of the project.


• Doctor of Education - Mathematics Education, Columbia University Teachers College, New York, N.Y. 4/90
• Master of Education - Mathematics Education, Columbia University Teachers College, New York, N.Y. 6/81
• Master of Arts - Mathematics Education, Columbia University Teachers College, New York, N.Y. 6/80
• Bachelor of Science - Mathematics, Manhattan College, Riverdale, New York, 1/77
• Administration and Supervision, New York State Certification, Manhattan College, New York 12/86

Current Research

Research interests include mathematical problem-solving

Currently working with Dr. Sisi Li (Mathematics Professor) on an article focusing on geometric probability and coding.

Selected Publications


• Farber, W., Li, C., “The Unbirthday Problem: What is the probability that the birthdays of n people will have at least one missing month?”, MathAMATYC Educator, February 2016, Vol. 7 Number 2.
• Farber, W., Posamentier, A., Germain-Williams, Thaler, B., “100 Commonly Asked Student Questions in Math Class, Grades 6-12 and Answers that Promote Mathematical Understanding”, Corwin Press, December, 2013
• Farber, W. (2012) “Using Item Analysis as a Tool to Inform Mathematics Instruction in the Middle School Classroom: A Model of Data-Driven Instruction.” Journal of Mathematics Education at Teachers College, 53 – 60, 73

Teaching Focus

The School of Education of Mercy College
Associate Professor, Department of Secondary Mathematics Education, 2010-Present
• Responsibilities include teaching graduate students mathematics education courses with a focus on teaching and learning mathematics at the secondary level
Curriculum Development (Mercy College, 2011-Present)
Developed and wrote the following course syllabi in mathematics education and mathematics content:
• Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools
• Mathematical Problem-Solving in Secondary Schools
• Action Research in Mathematics Education
• Differentiated Instructional Strategies for Secondary School Mathematics
• Enriching the Curriculum of Secondary School Mathematics
• Methods of Teaching Mathematics and Assessment in Secondary Schools
• Problem-Based Learning in Secondary School Mathematics
• History of Mathematics
• Advanced Euclidean Geometry


  • Awarded 'Educator of the Year' 2018 by Education Update
  • Inducted into the NYS Supervisors of Mathematics Education Hall of Fame

• Principal Investigator and Author, National Science Foundation (NSF) Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program - Mathematics Education Intensive Residency Program (MEIRPro)
(April, 2017 – Present)

  • Appointed Mathematics Education District Representative for Westchester County, New York (2019 – Present) by The New York State Association of Teachers of Mathematics

• Co-authored and developed: Fifth Graders Who Code-A Partnership Initiative between The School of Education of Mercy College, the Yonkers Public Schools, The Yonkers Public Library (January, 2019-Present)
• Authored and developed the 'Race-To-the-Top' New York State awarded 2.4 million dollars to establish a Mercy College graduate residency program in mathematics education for the Yonkers Schools. (2011-2015)
• Co-Authored with Yonkers City School District– Mathematics and Science Partnerships Professional Development Grant–(New York State Education Department)–2014-2016

Contact Info

Associate Professor William Farber
William Farber
  • Associate Professor, Secondary Education
MeH 30