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Faculty Development Grant Application

Faculty Development Grants are available to full-time and adjunct faculty personnel.

Full-time faculty may request a maximum of $3,000 and part-time faculty may request a maximum of $1,500.

Faculty Development Grants will be awarded in two grants cycles: fall (July 1 - December 31) or spring (January 1 - June 30).

The application deadlines are as follows:


Preceding April 15th


Preceding November 11th

*If you intend to work on your project during the fall cycle, applications must be received before April 15th.

**If you intend to work on your project during the spring cycle, applications must be received before November 11th.

Applications received after the posted deadlines, will not be reviewed. Applicants should resubmit their application for the next cycle.


Applicants will require IRB approval if their project involves any of the following:

(1) Research that involves human subjects (i.e. interviews, surveys, focus groups, etc.)

(2) Research that involves animal subjects

(3) Secondary analysis of a data set. Projects that use an existing data set, which includes identifiable data may require IRB review.
Though such projects do not involve interactions or interventions with humans, they may still require IRB review, since the definition of "human subject" at 45 CFR 46.102(f) includes living individuals about whom an investigator obtains identifiable private information for research purposes.

We encourage applicants to discuss their proposal with the IRB ( to determine if IRB approval is required. If you require IRB approval and your project has been approved, please email the letter to the FDC co-chairs or Aiisha Harden Russell at who will pass it along to the FDC.


STIPENDS - There are two types of stipends: Faculty and Personnel

  • Faculty Stipend: $1,500 is the maximum stipend per full-time applicant and $750 per part-time applicant is allowed.  Please note that stipends are part of your total award and stipends are taxable income.  Payment of your stipend will require submission of a Time and Effort Report and a payment request voucher.  Please contact Aiisha Harden Russell (
  • Personnel Stipends (not for faculty): Stipends for research assistants, statisticians, and other staff. Describe staff activities, amount of work hours, and hourly rate (e.g. $15 per/hr x 10hrs = $150). Example: statistician 10 hours @ $15/hr = $150.  Payment of personnel stipends will require submission of an invoice or Time and Effort Report and a payment request voucher or authorization form.  Please contact Aiisha Harden Russell (

MATERIALS or Miscellaneous Costs:
Itemize cost of books, supplies, and materials needed for the study
a) Books
b) Supplies
c) Materials
d) Fees (e.g. entrance cost to archives)
e) External photocopying services
f) Software, if applicable (must contact IT regarding the purchase of any software not currently available at the College)
g) Computer Hardware, if applicable (must contact IT regarding the purchase of any computer hardware not currently available at the College)

h) Other Hardware, if applicable (if equipment cannot be purchase by your department, please submit a notification from your Academic Unit Head)

TRAVEL (Travel is only allowed if it is relevant to your research or project. For travel to present papers or to attend conferences that are not part of a larger research proposal, use the Faculty Travel Fund. For more information about the Faculty Travel Fund, please contact your School Dean's office.)

ITEMIZE all travel expenses
a) Travel mode expenses (e.g. airfare, car mileage)
b) Lodging costs (include rate and # days)
c) Food (

Payment and Reimbursement

All requests for payment or reimbursement must be submitted to Aiisha Harden Russell ( at Tarrytown Offices, Suite 104 within the following timeline:

  • Fall Cycle - December 15
  • Spring Cycle - June 10

Requests not submitted by these deadlines will not be processed.

Reimbursement Forms (please attach original documentation to reimbursement forms, including original itemized receipts, boarding passes, etc.)

Payment Request Vouchers and Time & Effort Reports must be completed for faculty and personnel stipend requests.

For questions regarding payment and reimbursement contact Aiisha Harden Russell (