Carla Barahona: STEM Scholar

Carla Barahona

Graduation Year: 2022

Major: Biology

Carla Barahona ’22 knew Mercy College was the place for her when she came to campus.

“At first I wasn’t sure, but after visiting campus and talking to professors and students I was really convinced,” said Barahona.

What stood out for her was the strong Mercy community.

“Everyone seemed so unified. We were all motivated and even if we’re doing different things, everyone had the same goal to learn, grow and succeed,” said Barahona.

After New Student Orientation, Barahona was even more determined to be a Mercy Maverick.

“I love how welcoming everyone is; students, faculty, staff. I really wanted to be part of this family and I knew Mercy could help me to achieve my goals,” said Barahona.

Barahona is majoring in biology, is a STEM Scholar and also in the Mercy College Honors Program.

“I’ve always been curious about medicine and the human body. I’ve had personal experiences with ill family members and that made me want to learn even more and try to build a career helping others,” said Barahona.

One of the most valuable things for Barahona since she’s been a student has been the opportunities she’s had to broaden her interests.

“For STEM Scholars we went to Piermont Marsh and analyzed components of water. I loved seeing other sides of biology that aren’t just medicine. I think that’s great career preparation and I’m glad I’m seeing all the options I have as a bio major,” said Barahona.

Another way Barahona plans to expand her skill-set is by applying to become orientation leader.

“I know what a difference it made for me to have someone supportive and welcoming, I’d love to give back and help other students. Going to college isn’t as scary as it seems. There’s always an opportunity to start fresh and experience new things,” said Barahona.