CERTiFi by Mercy College Offers Credentialing Courses to Close Skills Gap

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With a growing number of education partners, CERTiFi empowers adult learners for success in workforce of today and tomorrow

CERTiFi by Mercy College (CERTiFi) today announced the launch of hundreds of new, non-credit continuing education certificate and credentialing programs in a broad range of subject areas such as women in leadership, health care, tech, web development, human rights and access to justice, software development, customer experience management, and many more.

The certificate and credentialing programs, offered in partnership with leading education provider companies from across the country, are designed to help adults seeking career advancement or a career change master in-demand skills vital in today’s workforce. The programs are designed for students with or without college degrees and allow for cost-effective, shorter-term skills preparation.

CERTiFi is part of Mercy College’s Division of Workforce Credentialing and Community Impact, which was launched in January 2022 to enhance and further individual’s careers, filling skills gaps in today’s labor market and preparing them for the future workforce.

“CERTiFi by Mercy College positions Mercy to become a leading provider of education options for adults who want to get ahead,” said Brian Amkraut, Ph.D., vice president and general manager of Mercy’s Division of Workforce Credentialing and Community Impact. 

Acknowledging Mercy’s mission to provide motivated students the opportunity to transform their lives through higher education, Amkraut said, “We know that academic degrees are not the only measure of job-readiness. By offering programs and valuable micro-credentials in a variety of subject areas, CERTiFi can directly impact diverse communities in the tri-state area and beyond, by adjusting learning opportunities to meet their needs. This is another example of Mercy College’s commitment of service to the community.”

Mercy’s partnerships range from established online education providers such as Coursera, Ed2Go and Simplilearn to niche certification programs such as insurance sales. Among the current partnerships, and their programs, are:

- Mindedge, founded by Harvard and MIT educators, and Branding, two providers that offer micro-certification in small business and nonprofit management;

- FocusEd, aimed at entrepreneurs seeking to gain skills in the food truck industry, and Greenflower, an industry leader in educating professionals for the cannabis field;

- Upright Education, offering courses in high-demand technology skills including coding, UX/UI design and software development.

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 74% of hiring managers agree that the job market suffers from a skills gap, with 48% of candidates perceived to be lacking the skills needed to fill open positions. Micro credentials — digital certifications offered by CERTiFi that verify an individual's competence in a specific skillset or area — help fill the skills gap by enabling learners to achieve their desired career or higher education goals more quickly.

CERTiFi also aligns with goals laid out in New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s February State of the State address. “Micro credentials allow jobseekers to show they have the skills to meet the job demands while also setting them on a pathway with more opportunities,” she said. “Likewise, they are the ‘just-in-time’ skills employers seek to get people onboarded and into the workforce.”

To register for a CERTiFi by Mercy College course, please visit certify.mercy.edu. To learn more about course offerings, please contact certifi@mercy.edu or (914) 888-5CER.