Emmanuel Tetteh, Ph.D., to Receive Volunteer Service Award and Publish in a Textbook

Emmanuel Tetteh headshot

Emmanuel Tetteh, Ph.D., senior lecturer in Mercy’s School of Business, has been nominated for the 2023 U.S. Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his extensive volunteer service and will be honored at a gala on October 21 in Brooklyn. In addition, Tetteh recently received confirmation that his article entitled “Disciplinary-Based Knowledge Management Systems’ Potentialities of Collaborative-Integrative Linkages: Ethical Action-Learning Solutions’ Frameworks for Supportive Entrepreneurial Ecosystems” will be published in the book “Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Sixth Edition” later this year.

Tetteh was nominated for the U.S. Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award through the Worldwide Association of Small Churches (WASC), a global interdenominational organization that unites and educates ministries. The U.S. Presidential Lifetime Achievement Awards are granted every year by certifying organizations like WASC that receive or facilitate volunteer service. To be eligible for the Lifetime Achievement Award, volunteers must conduct over 4,000 hours of service in their lifetimes.

“I have been volunteering throughout my life, so I wouldn’t say I was surprised to be nominated for this award, but I am certainly humbled,” said Tetteh.

Tetteh has completed a wide variety of volunteer work in Ghana, the United Kingdom, Trinidad and Tobago and the United States. An ordained minister, he has often worked through religious organizations. For example, he conducted social service projects in Accra, Ghana through local churches and led pastoral psychotherapy intervention to help combat substance abuse, domestic violence and more. He first came to the U.S. as a missionary to work in Brooklyn where he provided social services to people living in poverty and conducted community outreach. Driven by a passion for service learning and civic engagement, he worked with at-risk high school students on Staten Island and coordinated service-learning activities for students across New York City. He currently leads action research projects to advance social change through the Action Learning, Action Research Association and serves as the organization’s international vice president.

Tetteh’s scholarly work is as impressive as his volunteer work. His chapter was accepted for inclusion in the textbook after a peer review process. The chapter lays out the elements of strong disciplinary-based knowledge management systems, which store and retrieve information and data in ways that enable companies to effectively deliver their services. When the required elements are in place, knowledge management systems help companies fulfill their value propositions, meet their customers’ needs and ultimately contribute to creating above-average returns. Tetteh has also written several articles and a book published in 2004 entitled “Theories of Democratic Governance in the Institutions of Higher Education.”