Maverick Magazine Spring 2022: School of Education Celebrates 10 Years of Supporting RIVERTOWN PARENTS

School of education rivertown parents photo

As never before, parenting has become a challenge of unimaginable proportions. The compounded stressors of the pandemic, with its school closings, job insecurity, health concerns and adjustments to virtual learning, have only served to heighten the pressures on parents of school-age children, not to mention teachers and the young students themselves. Yet parenting challenges are not new. For almost a decade Mercy College’s School of Education has been an active partner in a community effort to support parents in the difficult and often baffling task of parenting. Rivertown Parents, a consortium of five neighboring school districts located along the Hudson River near the Dobbs Ferry Campus, was founded in 2012 to provide support and educational resources for parents, students and educators. The result is a long-standing relationship between Mercy College and the surrounding school community, and a bond that has deepened over the years.

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