Maverick Magazine Spring 2023: Law Enforcement Professionals - Bring Their Experiences into the Classroom

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The many industry professionals turned professors at Mercy College supplement rich curricula with helpful guidance and anecdotes from their days on the job. In the case of Mercy’s Criminal Justice Program, shared lived experiences from professor to student undoubtedly contributes to students’ success in their pursuit of what can be a challenging, exciting and rewarding career.

In addition to distinguished careers, many Criminal Justice Program faculty have earned their doctoral degrees. They teach theory along with procedure — and draw important connections between the two. In turn, their students become more skilled in decision making and gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic field of criminal justice. They include: 

  • Mercy College Assistant Professor Charles Lieberman, Ph.D
  • Brian Kelly, Ed.D., visiting assistant professor in corporate and homeland security at Mercy College
  • Mercy College Associate Professor Jeong Lim Kim, Ph.D.
  • Mercy College Assistant Professor Tanya Grant, Ph.D.

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