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Mercy College’s TURBO Flex Program Prepares Students to Earn Their MBAs in One Year

School of Business student presenting

One Month Intensive Program Prepares Students Without a Business Degree for Mercy’s MBA Program

Mercy College’s School of Business has redesigned their TURBO Flex program to give individuals obtaining Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees the opportunity to gain essential business knowledge in a condensed timeframe before starting their graduate degrees. The TURBO Flex program was recently redesigned to provide more flexibility and more support to students who do not have an academic or professional background in business to start.

The intensive one-month TURBO Flex curriculum provides a strong foundation in accounting, business mathematics, economics, finance and marketing along with training in decision-making, research methods, presenting and Microsoft Excel. The program is rigorous with 64 total instructional hours — both asynchronous and synchronous instruction — over 24 calendar days. Targeted assessments throughout the program enable professors to adapt their instruction on the content students need and ensure that student success.

Mercy’s program is unique because it enables students to quickly fill in the gaps in their knowledge and skills on a convenient timeline. TURBO Flex takes place four times per year prior to the beginning of each academic quarter, which means that students can begin the MBA program immediately after successful completion of TURBO Flex. At other colleges and universities, students would be required to complete several prerequisite courses on their own before even applying to the MBA program.

TURBO Flex is free for admitted MBA students and is only available at Mercy College. All courses are taught by faculty members and adjunct professors in Mercy College’s School of Business, which provides a foundation to enter the MBA program with confidence.

“TURBO Flex was designed by School of Business faculty members to meet the unique needs of students who are interested in pursuing an MBA but have not yet met the admissions criteria,” said John Fuller, chair of Mercy College’s Graduate Business program. “Our goal is to give students the flexibility and confidence to succeed in our MBA program.”

The TURBO Flex program is a required prerequisite to Mercy College’s MBA program for students who do not hold an undergraduate business degree, those who hold an undergraduate business with less than a 3.0 GPA and those who earned an undergraduate business degree more than five years ago.