Mercy University Implements Changes to Admissions Calendar to Address Financial Aid Concerns

Mercy University Seal on a blue background

Today, Mercy University announced changes to its admissions calendar and timelines in response to the recent modifications made to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the U.S. Department of Education. These changes will help ensure prospective students and their families have everything they need to make an informed decision about attending college this fall.

“Choosing a school is a major decision and Mercy University is committed to providing admitted students with the necessary tools and information to make the best decision for their future,” said Susan L. Parish, Ph.D., M.S.W., president of Mercy University. “At Mercy University, we put the needs of our students in the forefront of our work, every day, and we believe that these changes will greatly benefit prospective students and their families.”

First, Mercy is introducing an innovative financial aid package estimator tool. This tool is designed to provide students with information as soon as possible regarding their likely direct costs to attend Mercy this fall. By inputting their data, students can receive an accurate estimate of what their final package will be. Mercy University will then validate this estimate upon receiving the students' official FAFSA.

In addition, Mercy University is moving all Accepted Student Days from March to April. This strategic shift aims to provide students with the opportunity to have either Mercy's financial aid estimate or an official financial aid package by the time they attend the celebratory event.

To further support students in their decision-making process, Mercy University is extending the priority deposit date from May 1 to June 1. This extension allows students more time to evaluate their options and make a well-thought-out decision.

Over the next several weeks, admitted students will be hearing from Mercy’s admissions and financial services teams with more information and to help them navigate the process. For any further inquiries or clarification, students can reach out to the Office of Admissions by emailing or calling 877-MERCY-GO.