Ryann Harold

Ryann Harold

Graduation Year: 2020

School: Liberal Arts/Education

Major: English Education

At age 18, Ryann Harold ’20 describes herself as “very determined. When I want something, I work hard until I get it.”

Growing up in Thornwood, New York, with her parents and two sisters—Jordan, now 20, and identical twin Remy—Harold didn’t have an easy time. “In grade school I found it hard to pay attention. My grades were good, but it took a lot of studying and hard work to make sure they stayed good,” she said.

Twin sister Remy had it even tougher. Diagnosed with developmental delays, Remy was enrolled in a program for special-needs students. Harold began volunteering there as a teacher’s aide. The experience opened her eyes to the special-needs student and the challenges faced by their teachers. It strengthened her belief that one determined person can make a big difference.

Harold, who plans to double major in English and education, recently posted a video on her Facebook page. It tells the moving story of five middle-schoolers befriending a special-needs classmate who was the target of bullying.

When asked what message she hopes to send with her post, Harold replied, “I want people to see how one small act of kindness can change a person’s life.”