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Service Philosophy

We enrich lives and inspire success by working together
to provide a personalized and caring environment

Here’s what you can expect from Mercy College in our R.A.C.E. to deliver service excellence. Our Service Standards are:

  • Be available and reliable
  • Timely acknowledgement of receipt of communication and expected timeline for resolution
  • Take initiative to find a solution
  • Follow up to ensure a quality resolution
  • Act with a sense of urgency
  • Understand your role in the big picture
  • Exhibit resourcefulness in finding solutions
  • Provide reliable, correct and timely information
  • Be an expert in what you do
  • Be consistent and intentional with small acts of kindness
  • Put people before technology
  • Use language (oral/written) that is positive, inclusive, and respectful
  • Use effective body language that shows active listening and availability
  • Be respectful of confidential information
  • Maximize resources for effectiveness
  • Keep it simple and sustainable
  • Set clear expectations
  • Collaborate to avoid duplication and streamline processes
  • Engage in continual improvement

The Team

2018 Service Excellence Team

Kristin Ackerman - Assistant, Office of the President
Felicia Brandon – Senior Director, Student Accounts
Adam Castro – Vice President, Admissions
Anne Gilligan – Executive Director, Admissions
Anne Gilmartin – Executive Director, HR/Safety & Security
Allison Gurdineer - Executive Director, Admissions
Jessica Haber – AVP, Institutional Planning, Assessment & Analytics
Jill Hart - Executive Director, Career & Professional Development
Felipe Henao - Executive Director, Student Life
Kevin Joyce – Vice President, Student Affairs
Masele Kibassa – Director, Center for Academic Excellence
Raj Kumar - Executive Director, Student Success
Tim Lever – Executive Director, Budgeting & Planning
Edie Magnus - Executive Director, Media & innovation, Co-Champion
Andy Mantell – Director, Admissions
Margaret McGrail – Vice President, Enrollment Services
Kayla Noonan – Director, Admissions
Mustafa Sakarya – Director, Libraries
Jeff Streker - Executive Director, Enrollment Services
Joe Trentacoste – AVP, Enrollment Services
Cecil Wright - Executive Director, Recruitment

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