Degree Conferral Procedures

Honors student at Commencement.

Degree Conferral

All students must submit a Degree Conferral Form to the Registrar’s Office in order to be reviewed and processed for degree conferral and diploma issuance. Degree conferral forms must be submitted according to the deadlines provided above. Failure to file a form by the appropriate deadline will result in postponement of degree conferral to the next scheduled date for issuing diplomas.
Please log into your Mercy Connect Account to submit your Degree Conferral Application.

Graduation Ceremony

Degree Conferral Application Deadlines

  • October 31: December degree conferral
  • March 15: May degree conferral
  • April 15August degree conferral (Participating in May Commencement Ceremony Request - Students registered for their remaining 6 credits or less in the summer are eligible to participate in the May Ceremony)
  • August 1August degree conferral (Not participating in May Ceremony)
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How to File a Degree Conferral Form

Students are recommended to meet with their PACT Mentor to review their degree requirements and determine their appropriate degree conferral date.

Students may file a Degree Conferral Application online through Mercy Connect by following the instructions provided below.

  • Log on to Mercy Connect with user name and password
  • Click on "Student" tab
  • Click on "Degree Conferral Form"
  • Fill out the form and click "Submit" when finished
  • or go to the PACT Office at any campus for assistance on degree conferral and graduation processes.


Commencement Information

All eligible students will be invited to attend the annual Commencement Exercises held in the month of May. Detailed information will be sent to students as the ceremony approaches. Please be aware that all students must apply for a degree conferral date regardless of decision to attend the May Commencement Ceremony.

For questions or additional information regarding degree conferral procedures please call (914) 674-3105 or email

The College reserves the right to revise or change its academic calendar, rules, charges, fees, schedules, courses, requirements for degree and other regulations, policies and practices affecting students whenever considered necessary or desirable. The foregoing changes may include, without limitation, the elimination and courses and/or programs.