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SMART Math at Mercy

One of the many ways we're working to increase student persistence. We've re-designed freshman math to better ensure freshman can pass it, regardless of their math background. Pass this and you move on -- and more and more students are doing just that.

Full Tuition Scholarship for Veterans
Sasha Garcia

Started 3 clubs. Works 3 part-time jobs. Taking 6 courses (18 credits!) PLUS 10 fellow students whom she mentors. Grit and passion personified.


Plus other amazing highlights of 2017-18:
Neil Judge inducted in ECC Hall of Fame
Field Hockey - Tied the school record for wins
Men's Soccer - Best overall record since 1998 & 1st time in 4 years making ECC Tournament

Will I Fit In?

Every college students wonders about this: will I be accepted here? will I make friends? is this the kind of place where I can feel comfortable? At Mercy College the answer to all these is YES.

Geoffrey Canada at our Student Success Conference
Student Success Conference 2015 Highlights

We bring national experts together to share ideas and best practices for making college accessible, ensuring student success, and increasing retention and graduation rates. 

We #PavetheWay

This year the Mercy College community continued to pave the way for students to further their dreams of a degree and a better life.

Can I Make It?

Mercy has many programs to help ensure your academic success. And our students tell us it's just as critical to believe in yourself.


People say students must be "college ready."
We say college must be "student ready."
Here's President Hall on what that means.

Dorm life @Mercy

Thinking about being a residential student? Lots of advantages. Like more sleep!

2019 Sees Graduation of First Class with BSN in Nursing

Increasingly a Bachelor's degree is required of nurses. Mercy offers this program and our students STRIVE to EXCEL in it!

School of Business: Victoria Roberts-Drogin

The Director of the Women's Leadership Institute and professor of personal branding reflects on the woman who influenced her most -- her mom!

Take 15 to Finish!
Grand Opening Business Incubator

Calling all entrepreneurs to the Bronx!

EAB App: College Guide Simplified

Mercy College is partnering with the EAB to pilot this groundbreaking app which gets the right information to the right students to head them in the right direction in college.

Making Education Affordable

Mercy Scholars Natalie Delgado and Joshua Grant

Mercy's Partnership with IBM

Take a look at Pepper from IBM's visit to the Mercy College Dobbs Ferry Campus.

Q: Who is at the library?

A: A LOT of people.  On average each month at  the DF library:

  • 43,000 student visits
  • 5,400 transactions at Circulation Desk
  • 300 reference questions answered
  • 45 Library instruction sessions
  • 1,000 ebooks checked out
Bronx Leadership Dinner 2017