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Health Services Management Certificate

  • 36 Credits
  • School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Westchester
A Health Services Manager consulting with doctor.

Health Services Management Certificate Overview

The certificate program is designed to meet the career needs of self-directed, mature students who are interested in acquiring knowledge and skills that will promote their professional objectives.

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Admissions Requirements

Applicants seeking admission to certificate programs must have a high school diploma.

Applicants seeking admission to certificate programs should contact the Office of Admissions. Matriculated students need only submit a formal application. A student who has completed the requirements for a certificate may not apply for that certificate after graduation.

Program Details & Curriculum

Certificate Courses:

Eleven Courses (24 credits)

Two Electives (6 credits)

Internship (6 credits)

Total: 36 credits

For a full curriculum listing visit our catalog.

By the end of this program, students should be able to: 


PO1 The student should be able to demonstrate understanding of the various methods of health care delivery in the United States, including how they are managed and financed
PO2 The student should be able to demonstrate understanding of human resource management and ethical issues that impact health care organizational operations


  • Application Fee (Non-Matriculated students only) $10.00
  • Certificate Completion Fee (per Certificate) $16.00

Certificates are issued in February, May and August.

All students, both matriculated and non-matriculated, must apply for admission into the Certificate Program. All students are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the Certificate Program being pursued. Upon successful completion of the specific curriculum requirements for a given program, students must apply for the actual certificate.

All credits earned in a Certificate Program are applicable toward the associate and bachelor's degrees. A maximum of six credits in transfer will be allowed toward a certificate. Ordinarily students pursuing a degree program in a related area will not be allowed to use the course taken in such a program to satisfy the requirements for a certificate.

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