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Alternative Route Certification: School District Leader (Transitional D) Overview

The M.S. program in Alternative Route: School District Leader (Transitional D) is a 33-credit program for exceptionally qualified individuals who have employment requiring school district leadership certification. Candidates must also hold a graduate or professional degree and are able to demonstrate the nine essential characteristics of effective leaders as a result of exemplary prior service for at least three years in a leadership position.

Upon completion of this program, candidates are eligible for recommendation for School District Leader professional certification.

The successful completion of 60 semester hours or more of graduate study is required for this certification (these hours may include graduate study completed prior to admission and the graduate study required to develop knowledge and skills for school district leadership).

What You'll Get

  • Designed for students with leadership experience who have employment requiring school district leadership certification

  • After enrolling in the program, candidates are eligible for recommendation for the School District Leader Transitional D certificate 

  • At program completion students are eligible for recommendation to School District Leader professional certification

Program Details & Curriculum

Curriculum Overview

Required Courses: 33 credits 

For a full curriculum listing visit our catalog. 


Program Outcomes

Graduates of the Alternative Route Certification: School District Leader (Transitional D) Program will act with integrity and fairness, and in an ethical manner as they demonstrate the following knowledge, skills, and dispositions: 

  1. Utilize current research findings to evaluate and modify programs and procedures in the school system. 
  2. Become knowledgeable in the use and application of technology within the classrooms, at the school building level and from a district-wide perspective.
  3.  Establish, articulate, and sustain a vision of student learning and professional growth that is shared and supported by all stakeholders to become effective school district leaders. 
  4. Identify and implement district-wide professional and in-service programs to develop the human capital that will provide the knowledge, skills, and abilities of caring, critical and reflective professionals who are responsive to the needs of a diverse society.

Effective Educator Statement

Students must submit an Effective Educator Statement to complete their application. You can download requirements here. 

Please submit the completed statement to your application portal

Academic Program Sequence Map